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You know shit is real when Waffle House closes. No joke. Iconic chain known for being open in disasters.

@JPEG I am unable to see the following and follows list from Longmont_Weather. Unsure if it is an app issue or server not exporting them. Only one account comes back if you search in app. No option in mast to copy the address to paste it here.

@JPEG there doesn’t seem to be any options for instance timelines such as delete or add. That right?

@JPEG Adding EFF to list doesn’t seem to work. I get the success notice but it doesn’t show in the list members.

The Cloud Act deal between the US and UK allows police to ignore privacy protections in both countries. Unless Congress stops it, it takes effect in July.

This is awesome. NPR gave me a legitimate choice to accept their cookies and have a fancy experience or get the raw content I wanted with their text-only site.

@smj FYI I made a feature request to them but am unsure at this time what backend verification is required.

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@smj Can someone reach out and get this Mastodon instance added to Keybase please? The support 50+ bit we are not listed. πŸ˜• Thanks.

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