@apiziali Yes, a BQ M10 model (it was originally shipped with the Ubuntu Touch). I'm not sure how good is Ubuntu Touch support for other devices - thay list just a few devices at devices.ubuntu-touch.io/

PalmPix pictures from Saturday. Taken with the Palm Tungsten W and the later KODAK "PalmPix for m500" camera (with the full resolution of 800x600). Being 2001 technology it's still not the true but is is close.

Eocaching on the Ubuntu touch was never easy but now it seems that a working app exists!

@xerz @mntmn It not so normal (unfortunately I'm nowhere close to my ODROID ARM desktop to test it). It may be slower but not that much.

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we did it. you did it. thank you all! πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€

I'm a not fan of new protocols like the Gemini, you know.

But I of course appreciate that there is a new Gopher client for desktop: git.sr.ht/~julienxx/castor

I even installed a Rust compiler to try it... (I don't understang why people use this languare anyway)

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@logout Wow, it seems that I didn't looked at weather maps since December, at least...

This part of year was so crazy so there was no reason to be interested in weather forecast 😞

SiPix A6 printer test:

on the Ubuntu 18.04 (x86_64) it works normally

on the Fedora 32 (ppc64le) it does not work (it always made one apty line and nothnig more)

The setup was identical (include the serial-usb adapter)...

I have had the best intentions to use the modern GNU Octave GUI but it have ended as always... (vim + terminals)

@logout Must check what in the post is similar to the things mentioned in the comment... (didn't know that name of a great engineer Tesla is also a name of a drug, BTW).

By the way, I didn't know that my (cheap but modern) KODAK FZ101 connects to the (15 year old) Apple PowerBook G4 so easily!

Ice cream (home-made) and coffee. Sorry for image quality, I was not able to wait...

@logout It seems that your sblam filter thinks I'm a spammer and put my comment into quarantine (at your TV article)... πŸ˜‹

I used my usual "nula" nick.

There was nothing important in my post, anyway.

@solderpunk In my country there is some music (usually in MP3) available from smaller local sellers. But their offer is not as wide as that of Google/Apple/... (on other side there are titles that these big ones don't offer).

I also have relatively large collection of CDs (local laws allow to convert them to audio files) and also old LPs (some of them I new saw in digital form from any company).

To be honest - I have bought some song at Google Store, too.

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