@inlovewithpda This is exactly what I use!

My only issue with the Palm OS 4.1 is that the infrared port is randomly turned ON after the synchronisation (I want to have it OFF for the most time). I never noticed such behaviour on any other OS version.

@inlovewithpda It is not very nice, indeed.

But m1xx line included some machines with both the removable AA batteries and the SD card slot!

All better looking Palm machines lack of one of these features, unfortunately...

I would like to have a Palm III with a SD slot or the T|X with a removable battery ... but no such thing exists 😞

@inlovewithpda In fact the tiny high-resolution display and its thin stylus made it less comfortable than the older Palm machines. No way more readable and harder to use :-(

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I got my bike working a few days ago. It's been pretty great! I feel like crap if I don't do at least a little bit of exercise. Living in north america these days makes that difficult sometimes. New coworkers always offer me a ride to tim hortons at break until they learn that I like to walk lol

It's only got three gears so I probably won't be able to commute on the bike because there's a big hill but any riding is fun and better than burning petrol to go places! The brewery is my first goal 😅

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DEC VT100 

Se trata de una serie de videoterminales VT de DEC, tal vez el modelo más importante e influyente de terminal de la historia.

Fabricada por Digital Equipment Corporation a partir de 1978 como su variante inicial de serie VT100, este modelo continuaba siendo monocromático, pero incorporaba conexión serial tipo Centronics RS232 y era capaz de presentar caracteres nítidos agradables y de alta definición. Controlaba así una matriz de 80×24 caracteres en mayúsculas y minúsculas; en especial su manejo de atributos de cursor la hacían especialmente práctica para el control de aplicaciones remotas.

Así como el modelo VT52 anterior, disponía de un chassis amplio que a partir de la década de 1980 resultó modificado por la casa fabricante para recibir electrónica adicional que la convirtiese en una microcomputadora de propósito especial. Aún así, su teclado podía independizarse en cierta manera mediante el uso de un cable de conexión espiralado.

La VT100 es - por toda medición - la terminal estándar de la industria. Incluso hoy, cuando pocas quedan en estado operativo, todo software de emulación de terminal que se precie es capaz de emular una VT100. Su protocolo de comunicaciones Forma también la base de la especificación de Terminal X (xterm).

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@inlovewithpda Cute tiny device. I used one until its battery died. IT seems to me that the design is over-complicated and in some points impratical (its charging dock is terribly big and some buttons and edges are strange, too). Stylus is too tiny to be comfortable, too. Also the PalmOS was sometimes too limited to use full device's potential (in my opinion, the clamshell Sharp Zaurus devices were bulkier but easier to handle and often easier to use, too).

But it is cute. 🙂

@guofu @publius @gemlog @claudiom @stug @robert588 @cosullivan @apiziali @snowdusk Well, I didn't made pictures of the industrial/brownfield districts I had to go through just after I made the picture of river path...

@guofu @publius @gemlog @claudiom @stug @robert588 @cosullivan @apiziali @snowdusk It's a relatively new path along the Opava river. They made a dedicated cycle/pedestrian path here but it is quite short (it does not go through the whole city).

@inlovewithpda Nice tiny machine. Too bad it had an integrated battery. I have a Series 5 which runs on 2xAA but it is too big for me.

@chance Thank you!

This is interesting because I use several different devices as my cameras and I never have thought about colors...

Actually, I don't have any LED display so I have no idea how these pictures look on such thing.

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Updating the collection... Still missing a #psion 7. but the prices are too high

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@snowdusk @claudiom @gemlog I love it! Great minds indeed think alike as I took advantage of the excellent weather (60°F, no humidity) to bike to Indiana and back (33.4 miles). I am with family for Juneteenth weekend.

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Some 73 km during Saturday. Various terrain (from urban to lower part of Jeseniky mountains).

This time I used the Alex Moulton ATB bicycle from 1989.

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