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I tried to search for the JavaStation (the Sun Microsystem's famous thin client computer) on an one auction site...

Was in Prague yesterday. I decided to get my bike with me and cycle from bike to a meeting (~8 km one way if using the shortest route). Before 9 a.m. it is a nice quiet city... It was about 30 km in total (I also had to cycle to and from the train at home).

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Overleaf LaTeX online editor on the Ubuntu Touch tablet. It works as expected.

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Saturday afternoon ride on a single-speed roadster bike. Just 13.1 km but it is rather hilly terrain.

Had only a phone camera (BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition)...

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Short ride on Saturday. Some 17 km (mostly) of forest paths. This time I used the bike with big wheels (700C).

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Short Brompton trip today in area west of Opava, Czech Republic. Just some 16 km because it was very windy,

It was in the heavily fortified area (pre-WW2 fortifications). Even the new viewing tower matches look of the fortifications.

Forgot to introduce my new bike: the Velamos ATB ("All-Terrain Bike") from ~1994. Bought from its first owner recently. Shimano 3x6 with friction shifters (my wife's Velamos MTB has Shimano SIS), 26" wheels, steel frame.
Dynamo lights work! The sheepskin on the saddle is almost only non-original part here...

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My Elektronika MK-90 can play the "Moscow Nights" tune as the source code was one of the example BASIC programs in its manual. So I have typed it into the machine and now I am enjoying it during the holidays...


Short walk today. Bilovec area, Czech Republic.

Something like a winter is here.

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A small update of my commuter/shopper Moulton Standard: front carrier (an original but freshly re-painted), the Carradice bag (not as cool as old 1960's bags but it protects my stuff more better) and a lambskin saddle cover (a gread thing in these low temperatures). And the bottle holder, of course.

A bike: An old Czech Favorit frame with a new Sturmey-Archer 5-speed hub, locally made leather grips and the in-frame bag and so on.

I also temporarily attached my Carradice Barley bag here as I needed to carry some warm clothes and food...

Short ride during Saturday evening in Czech Silesia.

I was more testing my "new" upgraded Favorit bike than properly .

So the bike is an old Czech Favorit frame (from 1970s) with the SturmeyArcher 5-speed hub, then new wheels (and the saddle, the pedals and the handlebars too). There still are some details to be fixed.

Quality of pictures is poor as I had only the old (~2008) Palm Centro phone with me.


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