Some 73 km during Saturday. Various terrain (from urban to lower part of Jeseniky mountains).

This time I used the Alex Moulton ATB bicycle from 1989.

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@jirka Your photographs often look really great on classic monitors.

By classic, I mean anything before LED was fashionable. On this Dell 2007FP they look great. They probably look banging on CRTs but I haven't had a chance yet.

It is nice to see photographs that take advantage of colors and not try to look "right" for the blue of LED displays. I wish more people put stuff like this out there.


@chance Thank you!

This is interesting because I use several different devices as my cameras and I never have thought about colors...

Actually, I don't have any LED display so I have no idea how these pictures look on such thing.

@jirka Mostly any flat panel manufactured after 2008 has LED backlighting, including many cell phones.

It probably has more to do with the equipment you use for photographs. Just perusing your feed .. excluding the ones from PDAs (and not that they aren't also worthwhile, but not for this discussion) the photos are just a joy to look at.

Most newer displays are obsessed with being blue in color to appear VERY BRIGHT. Modern art and cameras have noticed and changed for the worse.

@guofu @publius @gemlog @claudiom @stug @robert588 @cosullivan @apiziali @snowdusk It's a relatively new path along the Opava river. They made a dedicated cycle/pedestrian path here but it is quite short (it does not go through the whole city).

@guofu @publius @gemlog @claudiom @stug @robert588 @cosullivan @apiziali @snowdusk Well, I didn't made pictures of the industrial/brownfield districts I had to go through just after I made the picture of river path...

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