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My new bike. The Velamos Mountain Bike from 1989 ($90 including shipping).

I have a never model (1994), too but this one has bigger frame (more comfortable for me) and has a combination of Czechoslovak and Western European equipment.

Did some light test: 20 km in terrain. Like the bike.

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@guofu @publius @gemlog @claudiom @stug @robert588 @cosullivan @apiziali @snowdusk Yes. The seller is a collector and this one did not fit his interests. So he repaired and cleaned it and then offered it for a very low price...

@jirka @publius @gemlog @claudiom @stug @robert588 @cosullivan @apiziali @snowdusk Yes, at 5'10" I had bad luck with shorter road bikes. I just got a 24" Panasonic road bike (pics soon) and plan to sell my 3 speed folding bike because it's heavy and the seat is too low at the highest setting, leading to intense knee pain after long rides.

@guofu @publius @gemlog @claudiom @stug @robert588 @cosullivan @apiziali @snowdusk As a folding bike I use the Brompton with their "longer" seat tube, It just fits me (I am about 183cm). It is not especially light bike, though.

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