A sort of portable office: the TRGpro (a Palm IIIx variant) with a GoType keyboard and the SiPix A6 infrared portable printer. And with the modern Fischer pen/stylus. The calendar is a MUJI one.

@jirka What communication channels are still compatible? Does it have internet & IMAP?

@danuker No, I didn't find working solution for internet/email (I have a modem but never tried to use it).
I synchronize stuff to a Linux computer (via serial-USB adapter). In theory, there still should be an e-mail plugin for the JPilot but in reality I have not able to compile it..

Actually, I'm happy to work off-line...

@jirka Power to you!

At least you know for sure it's not bugged by the NSA through Intel ME and whatnot.

@jirka Lapdocks are such an interesting technological dead end. Like I guess a few still exist, but with phones being more and more powerful, you'd think business especially would love the idea of taking your work to any station, just slot in your company phone and pick up wherever. Heck, take it home. No need for security on a keyboard and screen and it's probably pretty cheap.

If that isn't a wet dream of the open office plan nightmare, I don't know what is.

@jirka It's like the first iteration of the iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard.

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