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Can't sleep until I figure out if bird watching or astronomy is a more reliable hobby.

If you're playing family feud on a sega genesis, chances are your family name is going to be swears.

Ways of Seeing still feels extremely relevant even after almost 50 years.

It is impossible to trust anyone who is calm.

Pro-tip for buying the largest glasses possible: Look with the sunglasses and have them pop the darkened frames out.

I thought I was going to spend forever trying on glasses, but inevitably I found the largest pair of tortoiseshell plastic frames in the store and knew I was finished.

Genuinely thinking about picking up one of these as a secondary no-distraction phone.

Me: "I'm dating Thinh."
Her: "Oh, I'm seeing your girlfriend's mail"
Me: "Thinh is my boyfriend."

She immediately just started listing off names in a "wow isn't this spelled all crazy???" way, and I just...I just wanted to go home. Let me go home.

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Our mailbox got knocked down in a hit and run accident, and every time I go to the post office to pick up our mail I get interrogated about if I actually live there because I am the only person with a non-vietnamese name in the house.

Alright fine, Runeterra is good. The onboarding process is still a nightmare though. Of my friends who started playing, all of them said the first hour or two was like pulling teeth.

I don't like freely giving Google any information about myself, but I am pretty comfortable with telling them I'm not interested in Wil Wheaton.

I have been drinking a neon turquoise Bacardi called "Zombie" and gosh if I'm not mad about card games.

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If you're going to ape Hearthstone/Magic, either clean it up or run with it. Don't just make it complicated for the sake of being complicated.

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I played maybe an hour of Legends of Runeterra, and a lot of it just felt really counterintuitive. If your CCG is going to have keywords, make them make sense. Not only that but the mechanics just feel fiddly to me.

How in tarnation am I supposed to argue with brand representatives on this conflasted websight.

Someone literally walked into my work and said "oh man this office smells really nice. Normally offices have that nasty office smell," and I almost said "Yeah that's because I spent 2 hours this morning proving Auntie Annie is a talentless hack."

I made nachos with the cheapest vegan cheese I could find, and the chips I used set fire in the broiler before the cheese melted.

Meanwhile my boyfriend's 3rd package from Beyonce's clothing line has arrived.

I'm not a very good communist.

Hello! I think I'm ready for the mortifying ordeal of being known!

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