My man just told me to add how old I am to the year I was born, and when I said "... it's 2020" he said "Isn't that wild!! It's the only day of the year that that happens."

I think he's had a long day.

Took a picture of some cashew dip on a table, but the camera focused on my feet. Incredibly Tarantino-esque photo.

Hey, I know I'm inactive here, but I just wanted to let you know, Matmos is extremely good.

@chosafine hey, I just wanted to say I loved series of tweets you wrote about FOSS, and was hoping to follow. Hope you're having a good day.

I think the olive oil I'm spraying directly onto my face twice a day is making me break out.

Yikes, someone just asked about hazard pay in our region meeting and upper management straight up admitted they have the power to do that but they've chosen not to.

I will never fix the date on my car's radio. When I started it up this morning I got a dithered pumpkin graphic on it saying "HAPPY HALLOWEEN" and it made my day.

Work has been excruciatingly slow. I'm keeping myself entertained with this book on how to draw from the 1800s.

Faking being asleep is my No. 1 go-to method of getting out of social situations. Just close your eyes, keep your mouth a little open, and start daydreaming about that YouTube video you saw last night about if legos could bend steel.

nsfw, death 

The craigslist discussion board is the most chaotic neutral place on the planet. Within 30 seconds I read threads on dealing with hospice care, ratings on glory hole locations, and some maniac saying covid-19 was a blessing for wiping out non-vegans.

I think I'm gonna go lay down.

I feel like every time I play a first person puzzle adventure game that was released within the past five years, there's inevitably like a book full of names of Kickstarter backers just sitting around in it.

Casually hearing from my fiance's dad that there's 6 gas masks in a closet upstairs purchased from around the time the anthrax scare was going on.

Y'know. Just a completely normal, healthy reaction to something like that.


I'm afraid one day when I'm plastered I'm going to go on eBay and buy a bunch of zip disks and a zip drive.

Like I know I have that type of energy in me. The buying zip disks drunk energy.

I'm rusty at pretty much every aspect of being a musician but it feels good to just sit down and make something again.

I have a strong need to communicate but I don't know how or what I would even want to convey.

Can't sleep until I figure out if bird watching or astronomy is a more reliable hobby.

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