@velartrill I was gonna suggest a Pi running LIRC but this looks like... almost the same thing with a fancy case? Kinda neat. Not sure if I trust them to keep it patched but 🤷

@velartrill There are USB IR blasters you can hook up, yeah.

I was thinking of using one to control my AC remotely, but the only output this thing has is a 7-segment display and some LEDs so actually knowing the state remotely is tricky.

@cwebber Part of me wants to share your optimism.

Another part of me looks at all the software we have today and like there's just *so much* of it and I'm not sure how much of it fits into that world.

...I still do want to live in that world though.

podcast frustrations 

@mntmn @brad The backslash/pipe key being moved would also make it trickier for me to use too I think, given how often I use it as a sysadmin. Above backspace for delete probably makes sense IMO.

Also I love that it has a hyper key :D

@cwebber Due to a violation of the Google Brain™ EULA, we regret to inform you that this instance will be termina-

Mind uploads better be free software.

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Cognitive bias tricks, 84 of them and if you see it used in design - know that you may be tricked.


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The year is 5019. Humans, as we know them, are long gone. The Earth is inhabited chiefly by advanced, sapient machines.

For legacy reasons, everyone's name starts with "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible;".
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Do you like Dungeons & Dragons? Do you like Free Culture? Find out about how the two intersect, and how Free Culture encourages more diversity in role playing games in the latest episode of Libre Lounge:


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bad signage at pride, uspol 

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cw ads, capitalist hell 

@kyle I travel by train rather than flying whenever possible. Similar price, but way more comfortable.

Realistically I only end up doing this when I'm visiting Boston from Philadelphia though (or NYC, but then I wouldn't fly anyway).

@emacsen @strypey @librelounge @cwebber I was thinking about that while listening to the episode - such a frontend might also be feasible for voice interaction. If one command knew it was outputting files and the next command knew what files were... maybe voice controlled pipes would work?

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Clicked on a link to an old project I've seen before (its beautiful go check out the photos elsewhere) linked here on mastodon, which led to a twitter thing... and man, what is going on? Thats three different prompts from twitter covering it BTW, on a phone screen... thanks, I hate it.
(Plx link sources not twitter)

-plugs in old macbook pro, powered off-
-walks away for a few minutes-
-picks up laptop, it's burning hot-

@velartrill Yeah it's real neat. I love how many obscure protocols are still supported on Linux and the BSDs; hesiod is still in the Debian repos for example

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hyperthreading is like so

its like theres two wolves inside your processor but its actually just one wolf with two heads but normally you use you processor for eating and barking so it behaves like two wolves but if you want it to do a booping then its still just got the four paws of one wolf

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Now, spammers are trying to sell kilts on SDF.

This world cannot be serious.

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