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Intergalactic Wasabi Mix - 80s night!
Sounds from back in the day like Wild Irish Rose

three days of use in, and my Apple power adapter hasn't exploded, nor has the monitor died.

@cjd @tek [insert RISC-V propaganda here]

When eBay hands you a bum Apple Cinema Display power supply, you take what you need and add your own juice

What did WWE’s Sable say when she busts out the fancy cheese? β€œAre you boys ready for the rind?”


assigned clown at birth 🀑

bark, the crimes dog, kickflipping over a cop car: Β« abolish prisons Β» 😎🐢

how many petabytes worldwide are occupied solely by those word salad nondisclosure deals at the bottom of emails?

sometimes using mksh in a bash world makes me feel like a freak on a leash

Also Robocop in the future is going to find records of Trump's Space Force speeches and start the Terra Nova racist moon base

Anne with an E isn't the mirror universe counterpart of Nick's wife on The Handmaid's Tale, rather just her great-great grandmother, the family migrated all the way to Boston by 201X.

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