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为了保护个人数据安全,GitHub 用户 ffffffff0x 整理了一套关于数字隐私搜集、保护、清理集一体的方案,外加开源信息收集 (OSINT) 对抗。

其中包含查询密码泄露、浏览器指纹、网络数据清除、ID 生成、图像假数据制作、照片 EXIF 信息提取等各类工具。


As a result, the skin-tone of Asian are not accurately represented. However, the skin tone for white is accurate. Anyway, the good news is that, nowadays, because of the raised camera market in Asia and digital cameras, the bias is reduced...

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This kind of discrimination started long before the machine learning or AI era... The development of film, imaging sensors, even the color science of the camera is biased. In the lab, scientists use an untypical Asian girl's picture, even nobody knows who she is, for testing all the color science of film. 所以chinGUNx的软件仓库是继承Arch的吗?

Yes, of cause, I heard it. However, the implement of the OMEMO is actually not deniable. And I believe that decrypting on different device is, in fact, a weakness in the system. Nobody wants their massage can be decrypted on the phone he lost.
Xmpp with Otr could provide both encryption and great real-time capability. One problem is that Otr cannot decrypt on different devices, although it is one feature to increase perfect forward secrecy. for the point of free, The AWS only provides 5g or 15g outward data pre month as I remembered . It definitely not enough for a VPN server. And if you exceed the free part, they will directly charge it from your credit card. It only cost 2-3$ pre month in my situation, But this kind of cost should be considered.

@flydelion Input: DIY printer

Search Engine: Did you means "DIY 3D printer"


@flydelion I think I can confirm that. LoL, As I know the single board only sell $2.71 at Aliexpress... Any way, I remember I have used that kind board once. It works well though. Enjoy hacking!

@flydelion For power supply, I think there are some cheap adjustable PCB-only DC supply sell online. It could be temporarily used.

@flydelion That's cool. I haven't tried to use assembly on any 32-bit MCU yet. LOL

@flydelion I remember there is a way to born Arduino program direct in to a stm32.

Some evidence show that Chinese self-designed CPU have some optimistic outlook. I even have on idea whether this news is good or bad....

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