so, question.... what are the opinions about running a openvpn server in AWS?

i can run one for free for 12 months in AWS.. Can we guaranty that AWS isn't.keeping logs?

Apparently, my question wasn't phrased correctly and caused confusion.

1) Is AWS a good platform to use for a VPN server? I can run a free vpn server on it for 12 months.. Pros/ cons?
2) What kind of logs would AWS keep on my traffic? (if any)
3) What kind of data do they collect about the server instances running in their cloud.
4) The same question could be asked.of Azure and other "clouds"

To clarify, I am wanting to learn AWS/ Azure, as it could further my IT career.


@d4klutz for the point of free, The AWS only provides 5g or 15g outward data pre month as I remembered . It definitely not enough for a VPN server. And if you exceed the free part, they will directly charge it from your credit card. It only cost 2-3$ pre month in my situation, But this kind of cost should be considered.

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