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"but singular they makes the language hard to understand!!" he or she said before grabbing his or her coffee and leaving with an angry expression on his or her face

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Aaaaaaaand after running chkdsk for nearly two days straight, I still can't write to my external HDD

Get here soon, new hard drives, get here soon....

Finally made a stream offline message for the Altair cam stream.

It'll come back (eventually)!

This will also make things like testing multi-sector visuals a lot easier than waiting until 06:29 UTC for it to update

(Ralsei courtesy of zel)

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Update: I got the power supply from Amazon but it BUZZES, so I just ordered a center positive power supply and will just resolder the barrel plug backwards to make it center negative 🙄

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The original command is written in BASH but I'll probably change it to Python since things like associative arrays are easier to code.

Also I flubbed up the math while writing it at one point so my first partially successful test came out in this really cool pattern!

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I also figured out how to shrink the size of the output too!

Before I was using two space (" ") characters and changing the background color. Turns out there's a half block (\u2580, "▀") and you can change the foreground color plus the background color. This is how a lot of graphical terminal programs output images, but I didn't know this when I originally made the `colors` command.

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Coming soon to own on a near you! (updated `colors` program)

As always with storms on the coast, I might lose power and/or internet temporarily. Please bear with me if or go down!

Please be safe, everyone!!

Read is working, though, so I am currently trying to offload everything onto several other drives in the meantime until I can upgrade the firmware on my enclosure to a non-fudged one (thank god I backed up my original firmware because the new one does the same thing every other enclosure does) and then reformat the disk and *hope* it works and that I don't have to spend $100 on a new hard drive.

Lemme tell ya I'm thinking about biting the bullet and buying a NAS, but that's some hurtin' money

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Turns out somehow or another the formatting on my 4tb external backup drive is fudged and tied to the specific Sabrent hard disk enclosure I have ._.

I don't know if this is a weird protocol thing or what but it won't work with ANY other enclosure and I keep getting weird errors trying to write to the disk. Either it's failing or there's a formatting issue, and either of those options aren't exactly great.

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my son, with this box of cables, adapters and dongles i've accumulated over my lifetime you will be able to connect anything to anything. use it wisely.

Got some blank BD-Rs to use to back up my server stuff to disc for safekeeping but apparently there's no way to do multisession on Linux despite it being a sequential disc :\

But Windows can do it (poorly) natively. Jank.

I added another cordless phone to my collection - a Panasonic KX-T3000 from eBay! It had a horrible corroded battery that ate through the wire on the inside of the handset that I had to repair. Also the battery is impossible to get anymore so I had to make one using 1/3AA NiCd cells.

Now I'm just waiting on a new power supply because the old one was off its rating by 5 volts, then I'll be CYBERCHATTING B)


keepin' it ONLINE!

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baudVision as it was intended to be enjoyed 📺💕

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