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I reduced my YouTube Watch Later playlist from over 800 videos to just 83!!

I can breathe again @ v @

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When you realize you might have accidentally forkbombed your own server...

This is running the command
`ps aux | grep altair` btw

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We are talking about HotDog Web Editor on Come and join us :)

Computer Club's third HTML lesson went well! This time was mostly just practice from all the stuff we learned before. You can check out members' exercises as well as summaries of our lessons over at

The screenshot is of the page I did for this lesson :>

Just made an HTML4/5 version of a page with CSS and then made a version without CSS that's HTML3.2 compliant as an example for Computer Club, and not gonna lie, kinda mad that the version without CSS makes more sense than the one that does....

End of an era :') I've been either the Vice President or the President of SAEC since 2017 and a member since Fall 2016. Time's really flown by, and I hope despite the pandemic and the struggles the club and its members have had, the club can continue in the future and I can continue to put my heart into it or support it in some way.


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I also cleaned the coils as best I could and good lord THE DUST

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After finding out that apparently if you buy a fridge from Lowes they don't remove the old one for you, I decided to finally take a shot at seeing if I could just try and fix my fridge. It's a GE Profile fridge, approximately 27 years old based on the date tagged on the defrost assembly (1994) -- older than me!

Apparently the heaters have gone bad, so it's not auto-defrosting. Found a pair on Amazon for $20, so now I just have to wait a week and pop the new ones in and see if it works!

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Anyone want to join ? robert588 and I are chatting. @SDF

x1088 on SDF SIP! :)

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A: things were going pretty well, until I found out what was in his pants
B: wait what do you mean
A: it was just loose tictacs. So many tictacs. Just loose, in his pants pockets

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@jebug29 Great Machine with GREAT software!πŸ˜† I saw you msg on the term!

Weather's bad today! Bad enough that state testing got postponed and we were told it's a work from home day (the first time that's happened for me since I started working in September)

I need to get another little UPS for my Altair. I'm shutting it off for now in case the power blinks. Please be kind to us, rain

I also remember my dad setting an alarm on his old cell phone. Maybe super deep sleeper is a genetic thing

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