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"How did people wake up before they could set 20 alarms on their phone," I ask myself, suddenly remembering my dad's clock radio with that big long snooze button that would do nothing but delay yet another hellish screech of FM-band static by just enough time for me to fall asleep just enough to forget what the snooze button was, preparing me to hit it yet again.

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Please check out my SDF and local gopher holes!
Both have phlogs! Can't wait to continue them, add weather, and news via converted RSS feeds!

I'm still a couple months away from turning 23, but for some reason in my mind every time I try to remember my age I just default to 23, like somehow 22 is just an invisible number

I bought a VGA to HDMI converter in hopes that I could run it through my HDMI capture card and view and record the video out of things like my Powerbook and my old Gateway running Win98, but it turns out my capture card doesn't support 1024x768 ; v ;

Neither does my TV (over HDMI), so heck

Potentially Controversial Opinion 

And I do totally understand that blockchain is power hungry, but AGAIN, emissions wouldn't be a problem if REAL socioeconomic investment was made into renewable energy.

Also, EVERYTHING we do and use is dirty. Silicon, lithium, aluminum, etc manufacturing is horribly dirty and a lot of it flat out unethical. That's not going to make 99% of people protest against their phones, but rightly the awful systems in place that surround global production.

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Potentially Controversial Opinion 

Like, okay, NFT. I understand why people don't like NFT and get that people see it as copyright abuse/abolition/obfuscation for small artists. STILL, using Twitter of all things to make your whole argument about "emissions" just comes off as... stupid. You're literally only mad at this thing because being mad at it is the popular thing. You don't have real reasons to dislike NFT, yet you're ready and willing to demonize people who use it.

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Potentially Controversial Opinion 

I really dislike when people try to use "emissions" as a reason to bash blockchain/hyped things.

Like, it is not the fault of a given technology that the world's energy system is not sustainable. That is the fault of politicians.

Also distributed and heavy computing is everywhere. If you're going to be upset about emissions from something like blockchain, how about be upset by Facebook, Twitter, and Google's heap of data centers and power consumption?

I updated my private URL shortener to support custom URLs!

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This comic by Jorge Cham (PHD Comics) gives a simple, top level view of the new muon results that may point to new particle physics beyond the Standard Model.

#Physics #StandardModel #Muon #Science #ParticlePhysics #Particles

My ISP is doing maintenance so and might be down randomly. Sorry!

Me thinking about exporting all my bookmarks and just starting over ๐Ÿ‘€

I have 826 bookmarks in Chrome going back to like 2012/2013 and most of them are in the bookmarks bar because I gave up on folders like 8 years ago

P.S. I'm the president ;)

Also even if you can't always make the meetings, you're definitely still free to join for chat/events. Once the HTML/CSS stuff is done we're planning on doing AI Rountable, which is going to be a series of movie nights and discussions about the implications of AI and robots in our world/society.

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Hey people of the Internet! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป

Please don't forget -- The Intergalactic Wasabi Hour will be livestreaming tonite on #Tilderadio - Internet radio streamed by and for users of the #Tildeverse (and the rest of the Internet ๐ŸŒŽโœจ๐Ÿคช) 01:00-02:00 UTC (in about 1 hour and 35 minutes โฒ๏ธ Please tune in if your ears (or wife/kids/pets) will allow you tonite ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ€ To listen simply go to: There are many ways to listen to our shows. You will find this info on that webpage. We will also be on IRC (chat๐Ÿ’ฉ) during the live show if you're interested - to find out how to connect go to and head to the #tilderadio channel โœŒ๏ธ Tonite is #80s #synth and #NewWave nite on the Intergalactic! Wanna hear your favourite 80s synth/new wave song on the show? Let me know 'snowdusk AT , or via IRC & Mastodon PMs ! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Just before my show my friend DJ Bronzie Beat @tbn97 will be streaming his awesome show "The Resistance" on so please head down over there on the other side of InternetRadioLand from 00:00-01:00 UTC and catch it! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Tech related, I drew these on my BOOX Nova 3 Color, which can display up to 4096 colors on an eInk display!

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I even thought about if I kept it till I got old and yknow

I look like a hippie college professor

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Drawings I did of me with various hairstyles if I can ever grow all my hair back lol. (Honestly it's a great motivator to defeat MPB -- Male Pattern Baldness, not Mississippi Public Broadcasting)

Totally not at all started by me looking through decade old files and seeing pictures of myself with actual hair

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THE RESISTANCE 40 - ะฟั€ะธะณะพั€ะพะดะฝะพะต ัั‡ะฐัั‚ัŒะต

In 21st century Soviet USSR, music groove to you. Join ะ‘ั€ะพะฝะทั‹ ะ‘ะธั‚ัŒ and the @SDF damgรผdcyberchatter crew on a Multiversal trip to 2020s suburban Leningrad.

At 00:00 utc Wednesday, come ride the parallel wave to discover sonic enlightenment in an environment of suburban bliss, with Soviet characteristics.

Celebrate the familiar with a sublime twist - a universe of wavy goodness from across time and dimensions.

All are welcome!

Consider joining the Moss Point Computer Club! We meet on Thursdays from 7-8pm Central Time (that's currently 0000-0100 UTC) and currently we've been working on doing beginner HTML/CSS lessons, but there's always more and new stuff to come! We hold all of our meeting via Discord.

Meeting/Chat Server:

Event Server:

(Links expire in 7 days, but if you want to join after that, just DM me!)

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