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@publius He's very concerned for the deflated Wario, as are we all 😞


My truck is having major issues and I need to get a loan for a car soon, my bathroom is completely stopped up again and I can't afford a plumber, and I keep having nightmares about someone trying to break in again.

I am so, so tired of living in this house and being absolutely financially powerless to try and move up and move out.

I'm beyond stressed and just ready to win the lottery

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what should we do with that floppy?!?!

(with only 50mbps down because it's DOCSIS 3.0 but y'know that's fine)

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My new UPS got here! So now my whole network setup (DOCSIS 3.1 modem + WAN router + 8 port PoE switch) and my server are backed up. As an added bonus, I put my old UPS over in the corner to run my Altair, so no more worries about blackouts corrupting my floppies!

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@ringo @xmanmonk @snowdusk The 1.61 Blokz high index lenses :>

I think that's still what they have now, but it's been a few years

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@ringo @xmanmonk @snowdusk Hi hi ^^

I like them! I don't wear them every day, but when I do it seems to help with eye strain. It also seems like it makes colors pop a little bit more -- completely opposite the yellow sunglasses things you can buy on Amazon that say they're for blue light blocking lol

My coworker also has them and she said it helps reduce her migraines under LED lighting. That's purely anecdotal, but maybe they're doing something!

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(Though, I suppose I could program that in to the queuing program, but I think the 15 minute timeout is adequate enough)

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No idea who this was, but thanks for the heads up! I still had port 8081 blocked on my VPS. It works now!

Also you've gotta press Ctrl-A, Ctrl-X (the Picocom kill command) to release the session! Telnet's not smart enough to know you've killed the session in some other way.

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the mupid is a fascinating beast

aside from looking cool, it was an early 80s graphical terminal capable of vector graphics drawing and running programs directly downloaded from the network.

I simplified the join page by a LOT!

Everyone is free to join Sector Disk or add more sectors to your lot if you've already joined!

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