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I've been meaning to make this for a while now, but here's a guestbook account for Sector Disk! It's just like a normal account, so if you don't have a Sector Disk account, you can try it out first here!

Username: guestbook
Password: diskman

How the actual site renders in OB1 (which supposedly supports most of HTML 3.2, nix CSS)

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Just seeing how difficult it would be to rewrite pages from my website in no-CSS, no-JS HTML

I think this qualifies as nerd boredom

Ooof apparently my Atlanta-based Vultr servers are down. This means Sector Disk and my e-mail server are both down for now.

After thinking about it for the past while, I've decided to make new sectors on Sector Disk free to claim and obtain. Thank you to all who bought sectors before to support the site; it quite literally would not still be up had it not been for your help. All paid sectors will be kept by their owners permanently for as long as the site exists.

To claim your sectors for free on a *real* 1.44MB floppy disk, please see the `Join` page at

The computer club is experimenting with making snazzy retro desktops on older operating systems 😎

This week we did a test run with Mac OS 6 and the Backdrop extension. Look at these cool 1-bit backgrounds!

I made even more little cosmetic changes to the Sector Disk site, but something I coded a few months ago that isn't yet being really *used* is pagination of the sector list and limiting how many sectors are on each page. You can currently activate both of them by adding "&n=[some number]" to the URL. The default is 100 but currently there are only 70 claimed sectors hehe. I tried loading in all 2880 once and it was.... hilarious but horrible to say the least lol.

Dark mode is officially a thing on ! (As a side-effect, so is now Javascript, but it's only ~3KB worth ;>)

If you're on mobile (or using a browser less than 900px wide) the toggle is at the bottom of the page

Sector Disk (finally) has a proper landing page! You can now see the eight most recent edited sectors as well as the list of users on the disk and how many sectors each of them owns! :>

(I'm also experimenting with a dark mode... hmmmm πŸ‘€)

I upgraded! (To my childhood TV that I had to dig out of the closet!)

I need to adjust the geometry and the color purity on the trinitron, but good gosh, I couldn't stand not being able to center the image on my RCA set lol.

I got my uncle's desk and computer (which I also unboxed, if that wasn't obvious lol) set up! I am EXHAUSTED TT v TT

Thank you to the damgudcyberchatters and @snowdusk and @tbn97 for their shows for keeping me company while I was a-buildin!

TIL there's a manga out there that turns 1980s Bill Gates into a HELLA good lookin anime boi

Bill Gates in the real photo looks sleep deprived as all get out but this manga version? Ugh yes

The is back online!

Feel free to connect and play around!
`telnet 8080`

More info:

Even more info:
gopher:// (`g jebug29/altair`)

After playing around with it myself, I may even bring the Altair queue back up. We'll see about it soon!

It's gonna take a while to xmodem this disk image over (twice). It's transferring at around 2.72KB/s according to TeraTerm!

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