I just finished Uramichi Onii-san and I am head over heels in love with Kumatani

An absolute precious anime man

Had a moment and typed `butter` instead of `bboard` so now this is a permanent script for my SDF account lol

COM and join us for the INTERGALACTIC WASABI MIX, live mix by SNOWDUSK on aNONradio.net!

We're in COM and IRC!!



From the bottom, my NAS, ATA, Switch, and Router

with das blinkenlights!

Finally made a stream offline message for the Altair cam stream.

It'll come back (eventually)!

This will also make things like testing multi-sector visuals a lot easier than waiting until 06:29 UTC for it to update

(Ralsei courtesy of zel)

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The original command is written in BASH but I'll probably change it to Python since things like associative arrays are easier to code.

Also I flubbed up the math while writing it at one point so my first partially successful test came out in this really cool pattern!

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Coming soon to own on a near you! (updated `colors` program)

I added another cordless phone to my collection - a Panasonic KX-T3000 from eBay! It had a horrible corroded battery that ate through the wire on the inside of the handset that I had to repair. Also the battery is impossible to get anymore so I had to make one using 1/3AA NiCd cells.

Now I'm just waiting on a new power supply because the old one was off its rating by 5 volts, then I'll be CYBERCHATTING B)

me in the middle of trying to make a video tutorial and it turns out a feature is bugged

Child me holding this floppy disk is definitely going on Sector Disk at some point

File sectors are fully integrated into the website and the shell, meaning you can now define files spanning across sectors!

The web interface isn't pretty yet, but I'll work on that more once more users have added file sectors.

[All User-Defined File Sectors]

[Sector 1998]

[Info on Filesystem Commands & Format]

Coming soon will be a video tutorial!

I added sorting options to the sector list page!

Now you can sort either as numerical or by most recent, and you can select how many sectors you want to see per page (default is 100).

Best of all, it works without Javascript!

I made some more butter and its byproduct buttermilk!

I put it in an old jar I found under the cabinet that originally had some Bama Apple Butter that expired before I was even born lol

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