(with only 50mbps down because it's DOCSIS 3.0 but y'know that's fine)

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No idea who this was, but thanks for the heads up! I still had port 8081 blocked on my VPS. It works now!

Also you've gotta press Ctrl-A, Ctrl-X (the Picocom kill command) to release the session! Telnet's not smart enough to know you've killed the session in some other way.

I simplified the join page by a LOT!

Everyone is free to join Sector Disk or add more sectors to your lot if you've already joined!

So I finally got my new modem, BUT it turns out Netgear can't make routers (go figure) that *actually* deliver gigabit speeds over gigabit ports, so I'm ordering all new networking stuff that I've had on my Amazon wishlist for a good while now.


When you realize you might have accidentally forkbombed your own server...

This is running the command
`ps aux | grep altair` btw

Computer Club's third HTML lesson went well! This time was mostly just practice from all the stuff we learned before. You can check out members' exercises as well as summaries of our lessons over at

The screenshot is of the page I did for this lesson :>

End of an era :') I've been either the Vice President or the President of SAEC since 2017 and a member since Fall 2016. Time's really flown by, and I hope despite the pandemic and the struggles the club and its members have had, the club can continue in the future and I can continue to put my heart into it or support it in some way.


Tech related, I drew these on my BOOX Nova 3 Color, which can display up to 4096 colors on an eInk display!

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I even thought about if I kept it till I got old and yknow

I look like a hippie college professor

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Drawings I did of me with various hairstyles if I can ever grow all my hair back lol. (Honestly it's a great motivator to defeat MPB -- Male Pattern Baldness, not Mississippi Public Broadcasting)

Totally not at all started by me looking through decade old files and seeing pictures of myself with actual hair

It looks fake lol but it works!

90% of it is just StackOverflow code that I got for JSON parsing and whatnot but I did actually do the digging to find the URL prefix for the JSON files lol

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My Altair is hard at work calculating prime numbers! >:U In interpreted BASIC!

I also wrote the same program in QB64 and it literally was in the 20,000's as soon as it started looool poor lil Altair. He doing his best

The Moss Point Computer Club is going to be watching The Imitation Game from 0200-0400 UTC on Monday, February 8th (that's 8-10pm CST on Sunday)! Please join us on our events Discord server!

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