I lost my wallet today, presumably it fell out of my pocket at the gas station and was stolen.

Didn't even realize it until hours later after IGWM and I went outside in the dark with a flash light hoping it was out in the yard somewhere because I mowed as soon as I got home. Lost wallet on top of not even being able to finish mowing because the belt came off my Wheel Horse and I can't get it back on without the help of my brother.

Today's been rough man 😞

Have done my due diligence and cancelled all my credit cards and ordered a replacement drivers' license. Will have to wait until Tuesday evening to get a new debit card, and hopefully that doesn't mess me up on subscription services and such.

@jebug29 omg i am so sorry to hear this 😱 I hope and Im really hoping a good Samaritan finds it and gives it back to you. But good move that you cancelled all your cards.

@snowdusk__ @publius Thanks y'all

I really hope someone does return it (it'd make me feel a lot better about living in the meth town I'm in), but if not I suppose it's not the biggest loss. It's just a massive downer and massively stressful.

The hardest part now, as someone who change gives the most massive anxiety to for any reason, is finding a new wallet with a design I can tolerate. I had the last one since I was about 8 or 9

@jebug29 @publius awww I hope you find a good replacement if you don't get your wallet back... but tbh there's a big chance you might not get it back 😞 sorry. Losing a wallet can be very stressful! I can imagine. This has never happened to me but I would be so stressed out if it does

@jebug29 @snowdusk__ @publius Hopefully, someone will just drop it off at the post office and the post office can give back to you.

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