End of an era :') I've been either the Vice President or the President of SAEC since 2017 and a member since Fall 2016. Time's really flown by, and I hope despite the pandemic and the struggles the club and its members have had, the club can continue in the future and I can continue to put my heart into it or support it in some way.


@jebug29 hey... what happened? Is it because you are graduating or you quit? You put a lot of love on that club :flan_hurrah:

@snowdusk Graduating and passing on the torch to the next president lol

We're planning on resuming next semester, but we're still unsure about if stuff is gonna be online/offline and whether or not the next president is going to be able to get members (or if he's going to take off a semester from school). Literally every member right now besides him is graduating or no longer at Millsaps, so it's uncertain territory.

We intend to continue it, though, one way or another!

@snowdusk (This is separate from Computer Club btw, which is open to anyone and meets year-round!)

@jebug29 OH! i was thinking about the millsaps computer club! so this is separate I see. Well, good luck! You are graduating in June right?

@snowdusk May! I'm just waiting on them to grade my senior essay and then mail me my diploma!

Also it's Moss Point Computer Club now ;)

@jebug29 aha! Wow! soon! Congratulations!! 👏👏👏 with honours i am sure!!! 🎖️ ✨

@snowdusk Not with honors but I'm just glad to be done ^^; I'd be happy to go back to college in Japan, but I don't think I'd ever want to go back to Millsaps lol

@jebug29 with or without honours is fine! 👍👍 important thing is you are getting your diploma! 👏 Hey you are very young you can still study whatever you want to do after graduation. Do you have any plans after?


@snowdusk I want to sleep for ten thousand years or so to restore the youth I've lost from stress and all-nighters
TT v TT )

I'm already working lol so I think I'm going to work on getting my CompTia A+ certification and maybe CCNA to see if I can get promoted to something higher paying than PC Tech. I want to go back to AIU and get a second undergrad degree, so I'm just investing as much money on the side as I can and hoping it will eventually amount to enough

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