@xmanmonk wow!! LOL is it subsidized by your gov't or insurance? that is waaay too cheap how can the company earn profit? LOL I also have very high prescription so my lenses are very expensive... i also need it to be super or ultra thin because of the high prescription

@snowdusk They're cheap Chinese frames and lenses, so you have to treat them delicately. But hey, for $6, I got 3 pairs for $18 plus shipping, etc. I don't know if they're still that cheap, but probably pretty close.

@xmanmonk that is incredible! LOL but hey, if it works why not?! TBH if you are careful, even the lowest quality frames can last you. I had a Prada and the frame broke last year... well, after 8 yrs (is that reasonable?). So I had been gluing my frame together everytime it falls apart. I wasn't buying new glasses because I thought I had to pay about 1K for a nice pair of eyeglasses.. .I had no idea I could buy glasses for so much less!!! Ha ha. Today my frame broke again... I have had it, and thought about this online store where i usually get my contact lenses, studied how to get my measurements (which have been on my old frame all along) and searched really hard for my original prescription. Voilà! I bought new pair of glasses for $123!! haha We shall see how it is when i get it in the mail in 3 days.

@xmanmonk that is dirt cheap considering my high prescription.. I am soooo happy .. .but still kinda nervous. I've never bought eyeglasses without professionals helping me, in person haha

@snowdusk I was really skeptical when I first tried them, but certainly it has worked out for me. I think I learned about them from Jesse here on mastodon (@jebug29)


@xmanmonk @snowdusk Zennis are nice! I got two pairs that together cost me $125.99, but I opted for the more expensive frames/lenses/coatings ($25 frames with blue light blocking lenses that also had an oleophobic coating). Still a million times cheaper than I would have paid anywhere else for the same thing

@jebug29 @xmanmonk that is not bad jebug29. Lenscrafters is such a rip off 💣💥 now i know why (refer to the article i posted earlier lol). your prescription is so much moderate compared to mine LOL 👍

@snowdusk @xmanmonk I have a teensy tiny prescription lolol. I basically just wanted the blue light blocking lenses to use while I was programming all day long bc it helps reduce eyestrain

Gary how do you seeeeeee

@jebug29 @snowdusk I don't even recall my prescription. Lemme see if Zenni remembers... -3.5 Right, -4.25 Left.

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