@SDF Not yet! I don't have a functioning modem as of right now (although I'm hopeful for the pictured Hayes modem once a power supply gets here). It's over a serial connection to the Moss Point Computer Club/Sector Disk server :>

@jebug29 @SDF you should see if you can get an Apple Modem 1200 to complete the setup, it's designed to hold one of those phones on top

@fraggle @SDF Ha! That's pretty cool. I didn't realize Apple made their own modems. I have a 2400 baud Anchor modem that came with this machine, but it's dead (at the hands of a bad PSU).

I don't have a real landline, but 1200 baud is about right for a good VoIP connection, according to the web. This machine *does* have an ethernet card, but it only has coax and a DB-15 connector, so I'd need an adapter for that.

@jebug29 @SDF I'm not an expert but yeah, it looks like there are some people on youtube who even got 2400 baud running over voip so 1200 should be fine

@jebug29 U R so lucky to have this Mac. This model is considered kind of a novelty these days. Bec they i believe the last really good Macintosh before iMac of course. where did u get this??

@snowdusk @jebug29

I've got my grandfather's old Mac 512 (with all the accessories, even the modem) that I need to find a buyer for!

@publius @snowdusk That's awesome! I might be interested in the modem (but I definitely couldn't afford the 512k itself right now). Get yourself something great for that piece of history ;p

Do you have pics? Please share!

@snowdusk I got it on eBay when I was in middle school (like 7-8 years ago now)! It was around $200 and came with the computer, mouse, kb, 20mb hard drive, and an Anchor 2400e modem (which, unfortunately, was blown up by a bad PSU... I need a new one lol). Everything works - knock on wood!

I got it from my mom's house and set it up since I finally ordered a Mac Floppy Emu! I'm excited for when it comes!

@jebug29 That is so cool! I always worry about hooking up old computers to the internet RE: security

@codysseus Don't worry! I've got a version of Avast older than me up and running and keeping me protected! It scans floppy disks when I put them in ;)

@jebug29 Really nice retro setup, thanks for sharing :)

@dj_kate It's a Macintosh SE with 4mb of RAM and an external 20MB hard drive :)

@jebug29 @dj_kate so beautiful. I need to find my external drive for my Classic.... I hope it's still in one of the garage boxes... Also must try the VOIP modem thing. If I can find a modem (where are they all?!)

@tbn97 @dj_kate They're all on eBay! (and most of them are overpriced lol)

@jebug29 @dj_kate i actually should have a few somewhere. Unless I 86ed them some time in the distant past.

@tbn97 @dj_kate We can call each other over VoIP using our modems and cyberchat!!

@dj_kate @tbn97 In theory, it *could*, but I doubt Facebook will let anyone access over pure HTTP anymore ;p

@jebug29 I'm a damn good I'm a damn good I'm a damn good cyber chatter

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