Time to finally announce the big project I've been working on for the past several weeks - Sector Disk!

Sector Disk is a platform where users can own the individual, physical sectors on a 3.5" 1.44MB disk and write whatever they want to to them for people to see! :p It's like a message board on a floppy disk!

I'm officially accepting public signups starting now and accounts will officially go live starting TOMORROW @ midnight May 30th (UTC)

Please join! :D


@jebug29 while it would be cool to see #demoscene productions on this like f.e. a #128kIntro, I can also see people misusing this interesting initiative to add f.e a bootsector virus.


@FiXato That's why I took the boot sector for myself LOL

I would love to see what people might do on it though :p If someone does write an interesting enough program that could run as an x86 boot program, I'd definitely put it in the boot sector.

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