I finally got around to uploading pictures from my Altair 8800 build onto my SDF user gallery! I hope everyone enjoys them!


@jebug29 OMG J! You have NO idea how much I drooled over one of those when I was like 12! Wow.


@gemlog I'm STILL drooling over mine and it's been about 4 months since I built it.

I have a parts list available on Google Drive with everything I bought to build it. I think there's a couple of mistakes I made when I ordered some stuff (iirc I didn't buy the right female molex connector or pins or something for the backplane power), but 99.5% of it should be there.


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@gemlog Also Jerry Walker sells a more authentic backplane recreation on his website than the one I bought and used, although it's more expensive. He also sells bare 16K and 64K RAM cards


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