@snowdusk_ I just realized I completely missed Wasabi!!! TT o TT ) I'll have to tune in tomorrow!

Good news, though: the Altair 8800 is up and working!

@jebug29 Nice work. I want to build an 8800c at some point.

You should be tagging retrocomputing with this good stuff.

@trondd I recommend it! It's not too hard if you're decent at soldering, and I can share my parts lists with you if you want (which was honestly the hardest part). I do recommend though getting sockets for EVERYTHING, including the front panel boards (which I originally forgot about). I soldered two ICs on backwards by mistake and played absolute heck getting them off (but *did* use it as an excuse to get a desoldering gun lol).

@jebug29 That'd be great. I have no problem with the soldering. I've only built kits and never had to find all the parts myself. That's the intimidating part.


Here you are! There's a few different sheets that *should* have everything listed, although there were some miscellaneous things that I ended up adding on (and there might be some small things missing, like screws and wire and such -- you'll also need to drill a few holes in the case for the three PSUs, and for the love of all that is good get more DIP sockets). It's a fairly large project, but it's a lot of fun. I hope this helps if you decide to do it!

@trondd Oh, and Mike Douglas (the guy who makes the Altair case) sold me the front panel switches for less than mouser had them whenever I bought the case and boards from him, and it saved me a good deal of money. I'm not sure if he has a lot of extra ones, but I recommend asking him. I'd also recommend asking him if he knows a cheaper S-100 connector, since the ones I got are insanely expensive.

@jebug29 Thanks! Been card shopping to see what I would want to put into mine.

Why did you get the 16K SRAM card? The FDC+ has RAM, right?

@trondd Oh I never ended up buying the card, but I'd still like to (since I think it'd be cool lol). Everything I actually bought should be listed on the second sheet. The FDC+ does have all the RAM you'd need though (up to FF00, I'm pretty sure)

@Ricardus @snowdusk_ Three of 'em! :p One for 8v and two for 16v and -16v

@Ricardus They were expensive, so I hope they last forever lolol

@jebug29 Really? I think they're damned inexpensive for what you're getting. I used one in a mic preamp project. Maybe it cost $22 at Mouser.

@Ricardus The two 15v PSUs were only $7.80 a piece but the one 7.5v PSU was $42.15. I guess that's not a lot in retrospect if you compare it to something like a PC power supply, but I still felt like it was a lot when I bought them. I'm cheap though lol

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