This is Realtek's actual website

Today. Their modern website.

Best viewed at 800x600 with IE 6.0 or Netscape 7.02 or Mozilla Firefox 1.0.6 or higher.

@jebug29 I recommend you go back to it and see how many % of its total size is simply jQuery.

That's always been the part I loved most.

@lanodan Been working with modern browsers for the past 17 years 👍

@jebug29 That’s a nice uptime.
But well I got a Working with any browsers since 2012 (and still going).

Realtek one is probably broken on dillo and netsurf because of their menus.

@jebug29 They'd update it, but the manual for the web server is in a filing cabinet they can't access because of the stacks of money everywhere.

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