Also I honestly forgot Twitter also did this garbage a few months ago. I've been using a chrome extension called "GoodTwitter" to circumvent it.

"Modern design" is an eyesore.

Also my word use freaking depth and variety when choosing colors. One or two colors does not make a palette. The only reason Google can do it is that /they understand subtlety/

Just a note on the new Facebook Beta design:
Good mobile design =/= Good Desktop Design

Do not use mobile design language when the user's interaction with the content is not the same. A keyboard and mouse with a 24inch screen is NOT the same as a finger or stylus with a 9 inch screen.

So I'm out of space on my iPhone and decided I'd go ahead and backup all my photos from 2016 and wipe them off my phone. Like an idiot (or normal person), I assumed that I could delete them on my phone from my computer without an issue and my iPhone would update its photo database accordingly. NOPE. So I wrote a short script to restore the dang photos to the phone so I can delete them properly (which takes AGES, by the way). Oh well. At least I didn't rename the files. T o T

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The Intergalactic Wasabi Mix has just celebrated 4th year on 2 days ago & I have totally forgotten abt it!! The 1st episode of the show livestreamed on Aug 23, 2015! Wow!

Thank U aNONradio fans, IGWM fans, and most of all, @SDF , for all your support all these yrs! πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰

I managed to get a screenshot of my DJ page on Sept 2015 frm the Internet Archive Wayback Machine 😝

here's the link to the audio of my very 1st livestream on Aug 23rd, 2015!

I'm soon to be going into my final year of undergrad! I've got one more semester in Japan that begins next month and then one more semester in the US that'll begin in January.

Sorry for being MIA for so long, SDF friends ^^; I'll be spending a lot more time on SDF when I'm back in the US!

g v0.3 released :> Now there are some legit config options and you can also create a system-wide config (great for tildes and other non-SDF systems)


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What an incredible stream by @cat on ! If you missed it, check out the archive of dungeon synth minimalist styling along with some spoken word by yours truly.

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I am so frustrated right now. Apparently Sony has NO secondary verification for if someone wants to change their e-mail, which means someone was able to log in to my account with a stolen password and change the e-mail WITHOUT HAVING TO CONFIRM IT WITH THE ORIGINAL EMAIL. They ALSO don't say what the e-mail was CHANGED TO!

I am so, so pissed. I have to call Playstation support in the morning now and *hope* that they can recover my account.

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I wonder when we will see the new MetaArray IV running NetBSD 8 come online. I think this has been in the planning stages for a couple months now and should be a cool upgrade to the environment. I'm really looking forward to it and other exciting things coming to @SDF for 2019! πŸ–₯️ πŸ’Ύ 😎

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