The switch inside the cassette tape was totally a last minute decision, btw! I had the wooden piece that was supposed to go there cut the wrong size and I forgot to drill the hole for the power switch too. Turned out an audio cassette was about the right size lol

MmMmM well I'm not totally happy with how it turned out, and it's not totally done yet, but here's my prototype floppy disk enclosure (not that's it's enclosed lol) for my Altair

I really wanted to build a metal enclosure that matched the machine, but it was just too expensive. I'm thinking about putting a cut piece of clear acrylic (or cut glass, if I could get it) over the top of this so you can still see the drives in action

@snowdusk_ I just realized I completely missed Wasabi!!! TT o TT ) I'll have to tune in tomorrow!

Good news, though: the Altair 8800 is up and working!

This is all probably just me losing my mind from all the solder fumes. Who knows.

I think I've decided to name my Altair "Arc".

Today I went to make sure all the flux was removed from the boards I soldered and I cut my finger so many times on the pins to the point that it was actually bleeding (ironic enough, putting blood into the heart of a computer). At that point I joked to myself I'd name it Valvatorez, but I realized he was a vampire that didn't drink blood, so I decided on ARC -- for American Red Cross!

That's right folks - I'm a donor!

Talking on OpenVoIP on aNONradio and listening to The Intergalactic Wasabi Mix tonight was super fun ^^ Here's to keeping it up in 2020!

I finally got all of the connectors I needed for my Altair and it didn't work πŸ™ƒ

The 7805 on the interface board was bad and only putting out <2v (where it should have been 5). Ordered some new ones to see if that hopefully will fix the problem.

It's been forever - but I'm finally settled back in and listening to the Intergalactic Wasabi Mix again on aNONradio ^ o ^ )

I also built Geoff's VT100 kit! I only wish I could do 80 columns over composite video, since my IBM 5144 monitor only does composite

Beginning work on my Altair 8800c ^^

I ran out of solder and couldn't finish the backplane today. More is coming tomorrow though!!

Well it took four whole freaking days, three e-mail clients, and one python script (in both its original state and modified by me), but I've FINALLY got all of my e-mails in my ten year old e-mail account sorted into folders by year (and without duplicates)! Now it's just time to take and start offline-archiving all 78,962 of these bad boys, folder by folder.

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There was recently a lot of news about DNS over HTTPS. Some people say it's bad for privacy because it centralizes the DNS requests on Google, Cloudflare and Quad9.

Time to change that and run your own DNS over HTTPS server. I spend some time today in writing, documenting and arranging a small container setup to allow you to do this:

#DNSoverHTTPS #DoH #Docker #privacy #infosec #selfHosting #DNS

I did a "creative re-interpretation" (if you could call it that) of the Altair 8800 Kill the Bit code for my current creative writing class.

I put it up on my Gopher Hole under 'Poems' if anyone wants to read it!

Also I honestly forgot Twitter also did this garbage a few months ago. I've been using a chrome extension called "GoodTwitter" to circumvent it.

"Modern design" is an eyesore.

Also my word use freaking depth and variety when choosing colors. One or two colors does not make a palette. The only reason Google can do it is that /they understand subtlety/

Just a note on the new Facebook Beta design:
Good mobile design =/= Good Desktop Design

Do not use mobile design language when the user's interaction with the content is not the same. A keyboard and mouse with a 24inch screen is NOT the same as a finger or stylus with a 9 inch screen.

So I'm out of space on my iPhone and decided I'd go ahead and backup all my photos from 2016 and wipe them off my phone. Like an idiot (or normal person), I assumed that I could delete them on my phone from my computer without an issue and my iPhone would update its photo database accordingly. NOPE. So I wrote a short script to restore the dang photos to the phone so I can delete them properly (which takes AGES, by the way). Oh well. At least I didn't rename the files. T o T

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The Intergalactic Wasabi Mix has just celebrated 4th year on 2 days ago & I have totally forgotten abt it!! The 1st episode of the show livestreamed on Aug 23, 2015! Wow!

Thank U aNONradio fans, IGWM fans, and most of all, @SDF , for all your support all these yrs! πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰

I managed to get a screenshot of my DJ page on Sept 2015 frm the Internet Archive Wayback Machine 😝

here's the link to the audio of my very 1st livestream on Aug 23rd, 2015!

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