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35 HOUR MARATHON on continues with DJ Bronzie Beat @tbn97 --- streaming now !! 🎹 🎶 Again we at aNONradio is celebrating our mothership 's 35th birthday! 🎂 Please tune in and hang out with us on COMMODE chat! 📢

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If you've used SDF direct since 1998 for terminal service, you've pass through this intel 486 USR total control

Dial (206)324-0474 for direct dialup access

This device has been in constant service for 24 years.

Server's officially been up ONE WHOLE YEAR! B)

Meaning it's been one whole year since I got my UPS lol

In other news I've received some snazzy computer buttons from Etsy!

I undid my first ever soldering job that I did back when I was 15/16, soldering in a new clock battery for my Dreamcast. That one literally never worked for long at all lol (I'm pretty sure it was the wrong kind of battery), but now I've redone it and put in a holder and proper ML2032! All with about thirty seconds worth of actual soldering -- how far I've come 😆

Apparently a good bit of my dishware contains lead in some shape or form (mostly on the outside surface in the form of paint)... Wondering if I should do something about that

To be fair I guess this DOES kind of make more sense, but then again you can also view my profile unauthenticated as long as you have the URL (and it's crawled on search engines), so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Two years into using my script to grab my latest toot and put it as the text for Sector 14 on , it randomly broke! Authenticating via the Mastodon API seems to work, though, so after the first code revision in two years, all is well in the world and me disk keeps spinnin'!

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The 30th Annual "Last" Chicago CoCoFEST!

When: May 14, 2022

Holiday Inn Chicago
1000 Busse Road
Elk Grove Village, Illinois

For more information, visit:


It's been two days though and it's healing nicely and I can move my arm a lot more easily again! Yesterday I could barely move my arm around at all, so it's a major improvement.

Also I'm super thankful I wasn't injured worse! One wrong cut could have been... bad.

No more glass shower doors for me lol. Hadn't even thought about danger until my arm went through it

Side note I did see a goose looking through the window at the hospital... I think he was released from the door 🤔🦢

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Tuesday morning I got up to take a shower and go to work, went to squat down in the shower and started falling backwards toward the faucet. I tried to catch myself and ended up crashing my arm through the glass shower door instead -- cutting a long line and two holes in my arm where you could see the fat tissue underneath

One emergency room visit later and I was plenty stitched and bandaged up. Spent the rest of the adrenaline and lidocaine putting up a shower curtain 🥲

Also there are so many YouTubers who make their bread dough and flour their hands once and it literally never sticks to their hands during kneading and I am like you have LIED and you have DECEIVED and I REBUKE THEE

Soon enough there will be a Jesse who has figured out the secret to bread making but sadly I'll have to keep it a secret from you all lest big bread capture and force me to make a false book of recipes to throw you so far off course you'll cry as dough endlessly sticks to your hands

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I *CANNOT* make freaking sandwich bread at home despite so many attempts to get it right, different flours, different yeasts, adjusting water temperature, time, etc. It's one happy camper till it fails to proof full of air and becomes denser than pound cake

I will figure this mess out eventually, but for now I'm stuck eating two loaves of bread that taste like they were meant to feed starving children at a lone American public school in the middle of the deserts of Egypt

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All published bread recipes are just a scam by big bread to make you give up on making bread and just go buy it from one of the name brands at the store

Don't trust the bakeiarchy!!!

Also if you've never seen/heard of a portable dishwasher before, here's an excellent video of a KitchenAid Superba. It's a much fancier dishwasher than my Maytag, but a lot of the principal remains the same

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(Now, would this problem have been resolved two years ago if I'd just pulled the service panel off and not given up after a water fiasco? Probably yes, but no matter, as it works now)

Underneath the service panel was a long forgotten GI Joe fridge magnet that somehow made its way down in there. Maybe I can sell it and the old brittle belt for $200,000 on eBay and go back to college for six more years lol

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