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Maesie the Cat just loves to sleep on my Macbook for some reason. So I looked up how to disable the keyboard while she is on it, and, lo and behold, I found this:


Just showing off one of my Christmas presents. Can you decipher what song lyrics are on it?

Me 'n' my co-worker are trying to work out our Mac sharing plan

Sometimes Maesie sits and thinks. #selfies 

And sometimes she just sits.

Morning Mastodonians (actually afternoon)! Spent the morning getting my new 4k monitor set it. It's pretty spiffy, even if I can't get the HDMI output to work from my older work computer, which kinda messes with my plan a bit. Sure is nice to have all this screen real estate!

I got in a few new games (see pic), much to my wife's chagrin. Hey, it was almost 20lbs of games for US$60 - not bad! All on my wishlist too.

A and I got in a game of Secrets of the Lost Tomb. A little wonky but fun.

So I volunteered to take my wife in to work today and it just so happened to go buy a Modell's, which opened at 6am to sell World Series Champion swag. So of course I just happened to swing by and grab me a t-shirt. Amazing coincidence, eh?

What a series! What a post season! What a *SEASON* for the Red Sox!

Speaking of tailgating, here's the whole fam damily. Weather was cool and cloudy, with a touch of rain, but very doable.

Morning Mastodonians! Had a surprise visit from daughter #1 yesterday, which was nice. She just kind of zoned out, met some friends and did some homework. Still great to have her around.

Even tho we had just seen her and D2 on Sat for Parents Weekend at UMass Amherst. We just tailgated and then went to the football game. It was fun and exhausting!

Played 3 Eras of The Colonists, but I'm not going to beat the solo scenario. Still tons of fun.

Yet another iOS roadblock, but progress possible.

(Late) Morning Mastodonians! Took our newly adopted foster kitty Maesie to the vets this morning. She took it pretty well and all is good, save for a little ear infection. Always a good time for both human and cat when we have to put drops in their ears, right?

No gaming last night. Tonight, wife is going out, so I think I'll just settle in front of the TV, watch some and play some Mage Knight. To me - a perfect evening. Esp. if I can dig up a nice IPA.

Morning Mastodonians! Got the kitties ready for adoption today. Already have a first visitor coming in. I guess we'll keep the mom. But that's not good enough for my daughters - now they want to keep one of the kittens too. Jeez! How many times do I have to say I'm not a cat person? And poor Spenser, our 14yo Lab mix, is terrified of them.

C & I had a pretty good time with Vikings last night. It's brainless action RPG fun, with too much inventory to deal with.

A picture of Maesie the kitty:

Well, we're leaning towards keeping our foster cat. What say you?

Morning Mastodonians! Due to Wed night stuff, we played Shadow Warrior 2 last night. A pretty good session. 1st "trial" and man, it was tough, but we did get thru it. DYK that has the original ('97) SW for free?

Hope to turn the foster cat & kittens over to the shelter tomorrow. But they are pretty cute. That's Dakota, Tigger and Maisie, from left to right. But I'm the perfect person to foster cats. I like them, but a couple months at a time is enough.

Morning Mastodonians! Another scorcher here in New England. Really tough as my basement office doesn't have AC and isn't all that cool, esp. with 3 computers & a laptop fired up. Ugh.

Had another fun session with 4 player Shadow Warrior 2. Had some pretty epic battles. Interesting mechanic is that if you die, all the monsters get healed, which makes it tough with 4 players! The "Bunny Lord" side missions was tough!

Hoping I can get to some more solo Shadows of Malice today:

Did I show you a picture of our new additions yet? We are fostering a cat and it turned out she was pregnant. So to add to the general excitement of the past weekend, we got 3 new kittens:

Morning Mastodonians! The pool is filling as we speak. It's even full enough to turn on the filter, which is indeed a glorious thing. I imagine by Saturday the chemicals should be all sorted out and the temperature warmed up, as it promises to be a nice sunny week. So far, the weather looks good for the graduation party on Saturday. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Taking the next few days off starting tomorrow to prepare.

Really enjoying playing The Colonists, even if it is all solo so far.

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