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Well, somehow we survived yesterday. it was a occasion to be proud no doubt about that. My daughter R graduated with her Masters in Education and is looking forward to a career as a teacher of 2nd or 3rd grade kids. And if the results from her earlier gigs as a teacher in training are any indication, she is going to be a great one. Kind, smart, empathetic and very even tempered, it isn't a surprise really.

Like the saying goes, a bad day on the golf course is way better than a good day at work. The weather was great but I had to hit the damn ball too often, even if it was the first time on the course this season.

China by Rutherfurd and The Centurions by Lartéguy. Good books both but long. Would love to finish one this weekend.

Can you tell Obi liked the paperback? Grrr. That's the third(!) library book they've gotten to. You'd think I'd leran but I let my guard slip for a second...

I am not sure what is more frustrating about anti-abortion fanatics. How hypocritical it is of the same group who couldn't be told to wear a mask when it affects everyone, now wants to tell someone to sacrifice their lives when it has no affect on them. Or how they are adamantly opposed to any sort of support after a child is born. This capture from Instagram perfect sums it up:

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We tried tying the dogs outside with me on runs while I worked on the lawn. Otherwise, they would yelp, bark and whine indoors if they can see me. It kind of worked. Neither was really sure what was going on. I don't think Obi would go very far but Phineas would travel far and wide. He got out of the gate on Saturday unnoticed and ended up a block over, only to wander back eventually. Our previous dogs would just stay in the yard. Nothing is ever easy any more.

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One of my favorite summer time activities comes after a long day of yard work. I take a shower, grab an ice cold beer, lay in the hammock and read a book. I'm embarrassed to admit I spent far too long trying to find where I stored the hammock, only to finally remember we gave it to my daughter R last fall to use at her apartment. Doh! So I sat on the deck instead. But that chill breeze drove in me before too long. But the Treehouse Julius IPA was still delicious.

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## Morning Mastodonians!

How can it be Monday already? Busy day yesterday, as I was actually able to get some yard work done. There still was a chill breeze, but it was a few degrees warmer so it was more tolerable. I got the 3 front "gardens" mulched. Mulching is one of the few yard work chores I really enjoy doing. Not sure why. Maybe because the change is obvious and immediate. I'll attach a few pictures so you can admire my hard work!

The April issue of Car & Driver had some interesting articles on electric vehicles and how they are powered. One moving part in an electric engine - amazing. They also had a short review of the EV6. They liked it a lot, although they didn't like it is more expensive than its sibling, the Hyundai Ioniq. I like the looks of it better. Attached is a picture I took while I was test driving a gorgeous white one. Can you tell I'm ready for a new car?

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For you get a picture of a foster kitten who spent a couple days with us. Not sure she even has a name yet. Her full time foster is picking her up soon. She is so friendly and purry!

Here is a (stock) picture of the blue ID.4 we're in the queue for. And a picture of the gray one I test drove a few weeks ago in my driveway.

If this Toot from Tootle works, it means @SDF efforts to get this instance back on its feet are successful!

Yesterday's pet picture dump. You'll have to look hard to find Nemo in the first one!

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