## Morning Mastodonians!

Been awhile, hasn't it? Last week was pure insanity. I cracked 10,000 steps all last week, peaking at almost 18,000 on Saturday. My steps total was over 90,000, which was 40,000 more than the week before. No wonder I am still so tired! But it was worth it. We had a great turkey day, with a few friends and family over. Played some games, had some laughs, drank some beers. We had 4 dogs and 4 cats, just to add to the noise. But everyone got along and it was good weather.

Finished up *Ted Lasso* season one with A. A rewatch for me but her first time. Still wonderful. I also watched *Once Upon a Time in the West* while trying to organize my office. I've often seen the classic gunfight at the beginning but never finished it off. Well worth the time. I also started the *Belushi* doc, which plays the actual recordings they made the book from. Really great to get the extra media. Fantastic book. And so far, great documentary. What a loss!

We are keeping A's dog and 2 cats for the rest of the semester, so it is going to make things pretty crazy around here. Not really what I am looking forward too, although Phineas gets along okay with Obi, even if Obi can be a bit snippish in return. The cats are all familiar with each other, so that's not a worry. So the current tally:

+ 4 cats
+ 2 dogs
+ 2 geckos
+ 1 hamster
+ 1 ball python
+ a bunch of fish

Despite being so hectic "at home", I still wasn't prepared for just how grime, dark and damp the salt mine remained. A week away and still no improvement. Meetings and planning, but no coding, so extra frustrating. We are going in the right direction but I don't believe I am contributing in the best possible way. But I shall endeavor to persevere.


Stay safe! Wash your hands. Watch your distance. Wear a mask. GET VACCINATED! GET BOOSTED!

Here's to all of us beautiful confused imperfections who wake up and keep trying every day and to the coffee that makes it all possible.

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