## Morning Mastodonians!

Heading out soon the Lake George New York to meet up with most of the rest of the US dev team. Should be a good time. Hard to imagine scheduling better weather for a mid-October trip to upstate New York - sunny and 75!. Actually looking forward to the 4 hour drive. I have *Breakfast of Champions*, read by Stanley Tucci, all queued up. Perhaps I will try to finish *The Silent Patient* first, although so far it isn't that interesting.

We played *Rainbow Six* last night for 4 Guys Co-op. I didn't have time to play until after midnight if a *Halo 3:ODST* level dragged on. We had a good time, although 3 player was tough and then once B joined, it was easy. Of course, he's a pretty damned good player and I don't think they ramp up the difficulty much against the bots. We still should try to jump on a public server again. We always get our clocks cleaned, so it is a humbling experience.


Like I said, no time in the salt mine either today or tomorrow, so it is all sunshine and roses from here on thru the weekend. Another struggle yesterday, although it was mostly due to the crappy code (not mine!) I was forced to read. Bizarre practices sprinkled throughout, although with head scratching naming conventions. Oh well, better than being in a meeting.

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Stay safe. Wash your hands. Watch your distance. Wear a mask. GET VACCINATED!

Every once in a while, take the scenic route. Something I plan to put in practice tomorrow for the drive home!

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