## Morning Mastodonians!

A reasonably nice 3 day weekend just finished up and I am not ready for the week. To be honest, I kept too busy and didn't have enough down / me time. We did get delicious bagels from the local bagel shop. Always makes for a great Sunday when that happens. I did get a bunch of household chores done. Great weekend for Boston sports too - Patriots eeked out a win against the sad sack Texans & the Red Sox beat Tampa in the ALDS, with some mightily fun games.

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The big news is our kitchen is *almost* done. It's been a long 6+ months, and there are still a couple loose ends to tie up, including the final cost, but the end is virtually here. Heck, even the dumpster finally got hauled away (cleaning up after it was one of my weekend chores). I should post a picture of its current state. I stopped taking pictures during the construction. I was too depressed. But it is working out great so far.

Didn't watch anything really besides sports. Didn't really read much either. "NW" by Zadie Smith is a good but challenging read and I need to focus on it. Finally got a 4 character solo game of *Pathfinder Rise of the Runelords* set up, which spurred me on to order the rest of the adventure packs, for some reason. I have the first 2 (of 6) and it seems wildly unlikely I will ever get thru those. Didn't really play it much tho. Hope I can have a game day soon.

Already meeting in the muck of the salt mine all morning, which is depressing. Schedule looks clean for the rest of the day, so perhaps I can try to focus on some coding (although scheduling also needs to be done). Getting away to meet the rest of the team Thur / Fri at Lake George, so I only have to be here for 2 days. I can do this!

Stay safe. GET VACCINATED! Wash your hands. Wear a mask. Watch you distance.

Remember - you're like the beds in Goldilocks. For some, you're too much. For others, you're not enough. But for the other people? You are JUST RIGHT! Find your JUST RIGHT folks.

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