## Morning Mastodonians!

It was a pretty sweet win in the one game Wild Card "playoff" last night against the hated Yankees. The perfect game, to be honest. Xander hit a 2 run shot in the bottom of the first, which gave us a little breathing room. There was just enough tension to make it interesting for the rest of the game, but the final score of 6-2 meant it was an easy ride, really. Now on to the real playoffs!

Oddly enough, my hockey game yesterday morning was an interesting portent for the game. It too was an easy game in hindsight, although the final score of 4-1 made it seem tighter than it was. We maintained the pressure with both lines and I barely worked up a sweat. I should have done my suicides afterwards, but G needed the car to drive into work, so I used that as an excuse to get out early.

Day 3 of the Phineas rehab tour. He is doing fairly well. We will have to add some blinds to the big window that overlooks the neighbors backyard or he will explode if he keeps seeing his buddy TJ out there playing. That will certainly be the worst part, keeping him and TJ apart. They are the best of buddies and can play for hours. But we can't have globs of dead heartworms (ewww) pushed out into tiny veins, now can we? Eyeing a Dec 17th return to the playing fields.

You would think the abyss that is the salt mine, paired with working from home, would give me some quiet time to work. You would, sadly, be wrong. I spent so much time in meetings yesterday, my throat got sore, my eyes blurry and my head achy. Gotta find a method to stay away from people...


Stay safe. GET VACCINATED! Wash your hands. Wear a mask. Watch your distance.

Who is the most sensible person? The one who finds what is to their own advantage in all that happens to them. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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