## Morning Mastodonians!

Dropped the puppy off for his first heartworm killer injection. He will have to remain quiet for the next 3 months(!), as he gets another one in a month. He needs to remain quiet while the immiticide takes effect to prevent dead heartworms from flooding his circulation system and perhaps causing a blood clot somewhere. Yeah, sounds gruesome doesn't it?

But then he should be heartworm free and ready for many more years of racing around. Still gets me choked up thinking about it though. He either came with it before we adopted him or the heartworm meds we were giving him weren't effective. Either way, give your dog the meds and check him!

Not a real great sports weekend, besides the Red Sox doing what they had to do in order to host the one game wildcard playoff tomorrow. The Bruins lost in exhibition, but worse was the defending NCAA hockey champs UMass losing 2 over the weekend. They lost Sunday's game despite being up 3-0. Not good! And the Patriots gave it a nice shot, but the 56 yd field goal to win it clanked off the upright as time ran down. The kid QB looked great though. I wasn't going to stay up, but of course I did.

Friday was not a very good night at the movies. First up was *Parasite* and I, to be honest, do not do well with movies having huge tonal shifts and this one went from a clever scam movie to a bloody mess in a hurry, although you can see the transition coming a mile away. Not a big fan. And the Netflix movie *Kate* was even worse. Just a mess from the start, with even the action sequences uninspiring. Ugh.

Dark, damp and dreary, the salt mine beckons me for another week of dispiriting labor. Weather looks good later this week, perhaps I will escape and get in some leaf peeping instead. Sprint planning looms in my future, which is even more soul crushing. Going to try and write some code today to cheer up, which would be nice.


Stay safe. Wash your hands. Watch your distance. Wear a mask. GET VACCINATED!

Every person that you meet knows something you don't. Learn from them.

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