## Morning Mastodonians!

Skipped out on playing D:OS2 with C last night. My digestive system has been a wreck for a couple days now and it was particularly bad last night, so I just couldn't face staring at a busy computer game for hours.

Instead, I nerded out and created a spreadsheet of all the books in my Goodreads list, using its Export function. I put it into Google Sheets with the idea of trying to pick a random book from over 2,200(!) books in my Want to Read list. It's not as easy as it sounds! I created a new column with a random number in it and sorted by that, took the top one, and now I'll read it!


I've already gone on a long walk with Phineas. We got dropped off at the local market to pick up some skim milk, but unfortunately they were out. But I grabbed a breakfast sandwich as a consolation prize and we walked the mile back home. Gorgeous, crisp sunny fall morning. My favorite time of year. Wish he didn't poop so much. What dog poops 3 times during a 20 minute walk? He continues to find new ways to be annoying :)

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So tempted by the Rebellion sale on Steam. Zombie Army was one of our favorite 4 player co-op games and C and I had a blast with Sniper Elite 3. So Sniper Elite 4 and all its DLC at $14 is a great deal. But the Rebellion Anthology adds all kinds of cool titles. Lords of Magic is one of my all time favorite strategy games, but I don't own it digitally, just on disc(!), so toss in all the Lords of the Realm games, a Battlezone game, Evil Genius, et al and I am this close to hitting the Buy button.

Once again, the darkness of the salt mine lures me in like the aforementioned zombies. Battling the undead abominations like meetings and source code control is just what my day is like. Hope to keep my head down and trudge forward thru the evil today.

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