## Morning Mastodonians!

Skipped out on playing D:OS2 with C last night. My digestive system has been a wreck for a couple days now and it was particularly bad last night, so I just couldn't face staring at a busy computer game for hours.

Instead, I nerded out and created a spreadsheet of all the books in my Goodreads list, using its Export function. I put it into Google Sheets with the idea of trying to pick a random book from over 2,200(!) books in my Want to Read list. It's not as easy as it sounds! I created a new column with a random number in it and sorted by that, took the top one, and now I'll read it!

I also vegged in front of the TV and watched an amazing movie on Netflix. *Wind River* is an intense, violent, tearjerker about a missing Native American woman. Oddly enough, a similar subject, dealt vastly differently, in *Rustic Oracle*. It stars Jeremy Renner on the hunt and really good. Amazing scenery and cinematography. Highly recommended.

I am hoping I will be ready for another *Halo 3: ODST* mission tonight. Feeling a little better now. I will take Phineas for a long walk at lunch, enjoying the crisp sunny autumn weather. I almost had to put on a sweatshirt to take him out this morning. Yeah, the simpleton won't go out without company. What a weird dog.


It has been some busy days in the salt mine, but luckily with fewer pointless meetings than before. I actually had to refresh my calendar a few times before I believed there were no scheduled meetings after our morning standup. I actually got some work done yesterday and will try to carry the momentum over today.

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