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Another frustrating day between the pipes at hockey this morning. Like Tuesday morning, I felt good, was moving well and anticipating the play. But I still gave up 7 goals! They were all some tough chances but I still would have liked to make a few of those. We came back towards the end but fell short. Grrr.

I just ordered a noise cancelling headset. It is the top rated one at Wirecutter and it was on sale at the manufacturer's site. Add in the discount code YOUR1MORE and free shipping, means the 1MORE noise canceling headphones were less than $110. I've been anxious to get a new pair since the dog chewed up my $300 Sony headphones, which were too big for exercising with anyway. Can't wait!


Not much planned for this weekend. Weather looks pretty good, esp on Sunday. Probably just putter around outside - cut some wood, mow the lawn, that kind of stuff. I'd like to find some time to play some of my computer games, either Mad Max or the first Tomb Raider reboot. Maybe I will do that tomorrow. Hide out from everyone, even though my daughters are going to be home. Some days, you just want to be alone.

The salt mine was as dark and dreary as ever, but at least I spent less than 50% of my time in meetings. I have a smaller team reporting to me (thank Zeus!) so not as much management involved, which is fantastic. Still thrashed around with webrtc code, which isn't very enjoyable to be honest. But it is better than meetings. Going to escape early today - some errands and an early dinner date. So I'm looking forward to a good Friday.


Stay safe. GET VACCINATED! Wash your hands. Wear a mask. Watch your distance.

Taking care of yourself does not mean "me first". It means "me too".

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