## Morning Mastonians!

Just barely morning here in the northeast US, but morning nonetheless. Didn't have a great morning at hockey yesterday, so at least today starts off a little better. I did get some exercise, so at least there's that. I need to take Phineas, who celebrated his 1 year birthday yesterday, for a walk today. We've been walking up to the local gas station to pick up some snacks just to have a destination. It's a good little walk.

Had an amazing session at D:OS2 last night. We stepped into a battle and proceeded to win it, almost 3(!) hours later. We didn't save the NPC we were supposed to, but it was an epic battle nonetheless. One of those where new monsters keep spawning, first *Oil Voidlings* then *Fire Oil Voidlings*. The imagination on these Larian folks is pretty spectacular. And the flame animation is ... *chef's kiss*. But C says he wants to try it again! He's crazy.


Been trying to scrabble my way out of the salt mine all morning and, just when I think I have escaped, I get pulled back in. Still just mostly meetings and planning, which isn't what I like to do. But someone has to do it, right?

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Stay safe. GET VACCINATED! Watch your distance. Wear your mask. Wash your hands.

Wave to everyone you pass on the streets - let people know that love and divinity and spiritual connection is real.

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