## Morning Mastodonians!

Well, that was one hell of a quick weekend! Didn't really do all that much, which was nice. Had both daughters home for the Easter weekend and we went out yesterday for a very nice brunch. Gorgeous weather. Did lots of walking and sitting on the patio reading. The only time I was in front of the computer was for my 750 words and even then, I did Saturday's by the fire, sipping a martini, on the MacBook, so that hardly counts!

Also didn't watch much or play much. A couple more episodes of *Loudermilk*, although the emphasis on alcoholics recovering is wearing a bit thin. Still pretty funny though.

Signed up for a free viewing of *The Whispering Star*, a bizarre sounding sci-fi flick highly regarded by Seventh Row. Check it out here: click.convertkit-mail2.com/27u

Big day (I hope!) for the kitchen renovation, as the plumbers (who were supposed to come Friday) come and move where the sink was. I imagine it is going to be quite interesting to see how they hook up to the main drainage pipe. And more electrical work.

The UK branch of the salt mine has today off too (I really like the idea of a Friday / Monday holiday!), so maybe I will git something done. See what I did there? Not looking forward to the move to git, but what can one man do against "progress"?


Stay safe, Wear a mask. Watch you distance. Stay home. Wash your hands. Get vaccinated.

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