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I know it's preseason, but man it's great to have football back

Really annoying that "Sideways" doesn't appear to be on any streaming services - it's a fantastic movie that I think is very rewatchable

I just need to vent about people slowing down to sub 10mph in EZ-Pass's the worst

people: I know there are some efforts underway to create a successor to Gopher and concerns have been raised about the implementation barrier that encryption creates. Has anyone suggested just sticking with protection from tampering without snooping protection? Like hmac instead of full TLS? I can sketch out a solution in a phlog if people are interested

Rejecting things like plus signs is bad enough, but why do you care at all what the domain is???

Folks, please stop trying to validate email addresses on the frontend (other than, say enforcing that an @ is in there). My email address has a new(ish) TLD and so many forms say it's invalid.

Lol Marine Le Pen is on trial for a tweet?! The U.S. gets shit from Europeans all the time but it seems several EU countries have similar authoritarian laws on the books.

Thankful for the 1st Amendment today

“A developer of an open source software project I use has political opinions I disagree with. I have to stop using the software now because everyone I disagree with is a nazi.”

Just had cause to order an sma-to-f-type cable adapter. While browsing Amazon I see that someone had rated an adapter one star because it wasn't an f-to-f adapter...FFS

Me: oh cool a nice looking desktop app that says it's cross platform

*Reads further*

"Powered by electron"


Just had to explain, again, to my family that the way they use computers and the way I use computers are vastly different and I have no idea what their Windows or Gmail problem is

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. You are irreplaceable 😎


John Paul Stevens needs to STFU for real. His departure from the supreme Court means no one has to listen to his shitty takes on guns and, well, basically everything he's weighed in on...

joke 10 years ago: netbsd can run on a toaster
reality now: i rooted my vacuum cleaner

So we're just gonna make Trebek shill for the Amazon Alexa even while sick?

New post up on the blog:

It's all about reviving your old Raspberry Pi with !

RIP Joe Armstrong - a true visionary in our field

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