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Me: oh cool a nice looking desktop app that says it's cross platform

*Reads further*

"Powered by electron"


Just had to explain, again, to my family that the way they use computers and the way I use computers are vastly different and I have no idea what their Windows or Gmail problem is

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. You are irreplaceable 😎


joke 10 years ago: netbsd can run on a toaster
reality now: i rooted my vacuum cleaner

So we're just gonna make Trebek shill for the Amazon Alexa even while sick?

New post up on the blog:

It's all about reviving your old Raspberry Pi with !

RIP Joe Armstrong - a true visionary in our field

Castro is trash why are we giving him high leverage innings

Any folks know if it's normal for a newly created SIP extension to not work (login fails in multiple apps) for a while?

FYI folks, #GameOfThrones spoilers will result in an instant ban!

Joking aside, if you post spoilers, please put them behind a CW. 👍

Next up is reviving my CHIP by installing netbsd! It's working but hasn't seen updates in some time with NextThingCo out of business.

This article inspired me to dig out my original rpi and install NetBSD:

Works great!

Finally came to the realization that all RSS readers really just reinvent email and switched to rss2email. Best "RSS reader" ever

in the WIN column! Always great to get a series win in NY

Bonus is the pricing is very competitive and it's a couple of clicks if you already have your domains with Namecheap

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