Don't know how other hams feel about this, but I'd never buy an HT that wasn't programmable via CHIRP.

Just had my first contact on HF - thanks N9MM! He was activating Sam Houston National Forest on 20 meters

This is also a great way of avoiding certain sites like while still consuming content

Man I love RSS feeds that have full article text - nothing like the comfort of my own email client...

@solderpunk 50 columns looks good for me on DiggieDog on a OnePlus 6T

@sir this reminds me of Go intentionally randomizing the iteration order of map keys so people don't rely on it (spec does not define an order)

I highly recommend switching to a soft close toilet seat if you don't have one - great quality of life move

Annoyed that the 2M band is always dead in your town? Get your HT out this weekend and call CQ; Light up 2M night, this Saturday. Use your favorite information super highway search for more info.

@Canageek sourcehut! it's fully open source and it's creator, Drew DeVault is active on Mastodon.

Today is the feast day of St Maximilian Kolbe, SP3RN, patron saint of amateur radio operators. He led a truly amazing life. He was sent to Auschwitz by the Nazis, and when they were picking prisoners to starve to death, Father Kolbe volunteered in place of another man.

I know it's preseason, but man it's great to have football back

Really annoying that "Sideways" doesn't appear to be on any streaming services - it's a fantastic movie that I think is very rewatchable

@cwebber oh totally agree - just pointing out that law enforcement in fact has gone after white supremacists in the past

@cwebber our "police state" crushed the Klan in the 60s. President Johnson directed J Edgar Hoover to go after them as he did communists and the FBI delivered. Ironically it was part of COINTELPRO. No reason we can't use similar methods today against white supremacists

@vu3rdd I'm relatively new to the hobby and as a programmer this shocked me. Also the proliferation of nonfree things like P25, DMR and System Fusion. Seems antithetical to the open, maker culture

It is sometimes very irritating that a very free/open community like the amateur radio community mostly wrote non-free software for Windows in the past few decades (and to some extend still do). Take most of the well known analog filter design tools - they are all .EXE files.

@SDF gah checked in just as it was ending - next week!

I just need to vent about people slowing down to sub 10mph in EZ-Pass's the worst

For those licking their lips waiting for a #pinebookpro, we've got a lot of news for you today!

- Preorders launch on July 25th
- Built-in privacy switches
- The current OS outlook
- And more!

#pinebook #rockpro64

people: I know there are some efforts underway to create a successor to Gopher and concerns have been raised about the implementation barrier that encryption creates. Has anyone suggested just sticking with protection from tampering without snooping protection? Like hmac instead of full TLS? I can sketch out a solution in a phlog if people are interested

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