“A developer of an open source software project I use has political opinions I disagree with. I have to stop using the software now because everyone I disagree with is a nazi.”

Just had cause to order an sma-to-f-type cable adapter. While browsing Amazon I see that someone had rated an adapter one star because it wasn't an f-to-f adapter...FFS

Me: oh cool a nice looking desktop app that says it's cross platform

*Reads further*

"Powered by electron"


Just had to explain, again, to my family that the way they use computers and the way I use computers are vastly different and I have no idea what their Windows or Gmail problem is

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. You are irreplaceable 😎

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joke 10 years ago: netbsd can run on a toaster
reality now: i rooted my vacuum cleaner

So we're just gonna make Trebek shill for the Amazon Alexa even while sick?

New post up on the blog:


It's all about reviving your old Raspberry Pi with !

@art can't think of what you'd use it for given it's bulkiness but I know it would run NetBSD 😎

RIP Joe Armstrong - a true visionary in our field

Castro is trash why are we giving him high leverage innings

@starbreaker yeah I'm sympathetic to that view, I guess I identify with it for the scenario that's mentioned: a fellow dev asking a specific question

Any folks know if it's normal for a newly created SIP extension to not work (login fails in multiple apps) for a while?

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