C. got a plot bunny to write a story about spies, espionage, and intrigue.

So anyway she’s on the back porch trying to tune the shortwave radio to a numbers station

Update: now she’s got a shortwave schedule pulled up on her phone and she’s seeing which stations she can pick up 😍


@kvothe priyom.org is the spot for numbers stations - there are still a few on the air!

@jboverf whoa thanks for sharing that! I'll pass it along! :D

@kvothe @jboverf

I use excerpts from the "CONET Project" numbers-station collection for bumpers on my aNONradio show.

@publius @jboverf I love that! I lent my copy to a friend and he used a snippet in his band’s album (and also played it on the house PA at live shows). Love love love the Conet Project!

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