I have discovered 30m band this evening, it seems to be an interesting frequency range ! It should console me to have lost 40m with my antenna modifications.
Any adepts here?
Is it a night or day band? How works propagation at 10MHz?


@F1RUM works well night or day, and it's nice and quiet usually. Great for CW or Digital. Most countries don't allow phone on 30m.

Prop for me is closer to 40 than 20 but you can work good DX on 30.

@jboverf @F1RUM It's also worth mentioning that, as one of the WARC bands, 30m is free of contesters. It's a good refuge for ragchewers like myself during that time - and one I need to take advantage of more.

@jboverf thanks, yes, I can't use voice on this band. It's not a problem for me, I'm essentially active on digimode (and maybe in cw soon)

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