Saw the reddit thread about public addresses in . I understand the concerns, but some information should really remain public. Maybe email, state, and county. Otherwise, say I contact K1RZ. Do I have to wait for confirmation in Logbook of the World to realize he's not actually in 1-land but is in fact in MD?

@jboverf shouldn't that be part of your QSO?
In the UK we have regional identifies that change if I go to (for example) Scotland.

Failing that, wouldn't you mention not being at your usual qth?

@M0YNG maybe, but not on the most popular mode currently (FT8). All you get is a grid which could span multiple states and/or counties.

Most people put a suffix on their call if they're away from their normal station but how do you even know where their normal station is under these proposals. The guy I mentioned lives in MD but his call would not indicate that (Maryland is in 3-land)

@jboverf I see. For me a full grid reference is OK, IO81xw is specific enough, without revealing exactly where I am without you coming here and driving around looking for aerials.

Personally I'm glad I don't have to reveal my home address to operate.

@M0YNG if FT8 used 6 character grid squares that probably would be enough (though not in all cases). One that comes to mind is a street where one side is in Virginia and the other in Tennessee.

I think state and county would be good enough and wouldn't be too revealing. Worked All States and the CQ counties award are popular and I wouldn't want to ruin them. Email is necessary as well imo but it's easy to make a burner one if you're inclined

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