Hams, it's 2020. There's no reason not to:

1. Use Logbook of the World
2. Set it up so your logs are uploaded right after a digital contact

@jboverf fair point. I did look at lotw the other day and... It did not look easy to sign up.
I probably missed something though.

@M0YNG it is slightly more complex for non-US amateurs I believe but the good news is you only have to do it once per callsign and you get the benefits of easily applying for DXCC and Worked All States

@jboverf I can't stand LOTW. I use it, but only remotely through QRZ. Their interface is a disaster. Cannot find anything and i end up going in circles.

@Hawk1291 the interface itself isn't great. The real value is PKI-confirmed contacts and thus verifiable awards

@jboverf ive never actually been able to log a contact in LOTW. I upload my qrz log to it instead. I also dont mess woth the awards for the same reason. I tried applying for one a while back and couldnt figure it out. QRZ was done in two minutes. In fact they notified me that i was eligible. I just use LOTW so folks can get their contacts on there. Its useless to me personally. But I try to keep using it to promote folks using something common since the arrl has backed lotw.

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