@nonlinear your last few boosts are near and dear to me - I was worried about several amateur radio lists with the shutdown of Yahoo groups but most seem to have moved to I don't want Slack or Discord anywhere near information that matters

@jboverf Agreed. Even with most groups moving to, there are some groups that are abandoned, or the owner can't afford the transfer costs ( increased the cost to $200 for automatic transfer), or otherwise won't move. Those groups will be gone in time.

And then this will be repeated in a decade when is bought, neglected and eventually shutdown.

I appreciate @freakazoid 's point that web forums were the beginning of information destruction, and the whole Yahoo Groups fiasco is the latest example.

@nonlinear thankfully people have been working to preserve the inactive groups:

Something free software based would be better than but as long as it's in email form it can be preserved.

@jboverf Glad to see the content being archived. I hope K5QO, or others, are submitting to Internet Archive as well.
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