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Lots of folks migrating to Mastodon.

Lots of folks wanting those folks to know that they were here first.

I am not sure what keeps me here. I know absolutely no one and most of what I say goes entirely unnoticed. It's like real life, only I have to type more.

We're all waiting in the dugout
Thinking we should pitch
How you gonna throw a shutout
When all you do is bitch

--Todd Snider "Can't Complain"

Boost this and all of your dreams will come true*. This is not a cheap attempt to get more followers, so you can stop with that nonsense.

*Your dreams will not come true.

What are the best outcomes of World War III?

Last weekend I was looking at records at a flea market when I overheard a guy asking the seller if he had any Nickelback. That will haunt me to my grave.

I haven't posted anything in a while. My bad.

I'm giving up TV for Lent. On the plus side, I will have more time for reading and stuff. On the negative side I am a binge watching lunatic and this will be tough.

How old were you when you realized that all politicians are opportunistic monsters?

What is a movie that is generally considered bad, but that you enjoy. I'll go first: Jumper.

Here is another war-free, covid-free, negativity free chat. Tell me something good that is happening to you today. I am currently working on a computer that will go to assist staff at a homeless shelter.

I have managed to keep a walking schedule most mornings and I am slowly making my way through a Python book in the evenings. I've never fully learned a programming language and that is my goal. I found that setting alarms on my calendar app (simple calendar) helps me get things done.

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I am reserving this spot for war free conversation. Tell me some good news, no matter how insignificant you think it might be.

"But when I stand before the gates of Heaven with a pocket full of sins, Lord, I'm a badass motherfucker but won't you please let me in?"

--The Dad Horse Experience

What is the best Kinks album and why is it 'Muswell Hillbillies'? Discuss.

What is the best Wesley Willis song and why is it 'Im Sorry I Got Fat'? Discuss.

Hoping to get into retro computing by using Skype.

Can anyone recommend a web browser that will remind me that nothing on the web is worth my time anymore and to go and do something else?

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