@thesunshinesushi Most of our anxiety issues stem from trying to predict the future and dwelling on the past. Meditation helps with that, but I am not great at meditating. Doing activities that help you be in the moment are better for me. Working with my hands on something, playing a video game, playing music and singing all help me relax. Find something that puts you in the moment and doesn't allow for much forward or backwards thinking. Please talk with a doctor about getting anxiety meds.

More sexism, more "the comments" 

@vkc your energy is best spent making more awesome videos. If you spend it on dealing with assholes on YouTube, you'll die from exhaustion.

What would happen if I did forget to like and subscribe? Maybe I also don't ring the bell icon.

I still haven't posted my EP anywhere. I may have chickened out. I'm not sure yet. I should have done it when I was feeling more brave.

"The Comments" 

@vkc I just discovered your videos and I have binged most of them. You can really see how much work you put into them.

I didn't notice circles, but I did notice that you have freakin' awesome hair!

@ajroach42 @rohmatsb

Hard to do that if you're not in a good place cognitively. Self-care, then special projects. Don't burn out before you even start.

@thesunshinesushi can't have anybody perving on you while you watch someone die. It would be inappropriate.

Some folks look for evidence of the existence of Bigfoot. I am searching for something a little more elusive. I am searching for the person who is looking forward to the Avatar sequels. Seriously, who asked for them?

There is no music worse than Contemporary Christian music. It is worse when it's playing somewhere public and you cant turn it off.

I like Mastodon because I don't really know people here and sometimes you need a break from people you know.

Youtube video of me singing a Todd Snider cover song. Republicans with a bad sense of humor should stay away. 


I am thinking NonCommercial Share-Alike fits the material well. I feel like it's only fair since my EP is just my version of public domain songs.

Youtube video of me singing a cover of a blues song that is misogynistic and abusive. 

Me playing a song on a one string cigar box guitar.



Sorry you had a bad day at work. The cool thing about days is that they have an end. Tomorrow will be better.

Several years ago my bosses had a meeting with me in which they told me that they didn't know what I did (I.T.) but they didn't think I did it well. One of the most confusing and frustrating meetings I have ever had.

A good thing that happened is I finally decided on what CC license I am going to use on my EP, so I will probably upload it to archive.org this weekend.

Here is a video of me singing my version of (Sitting On) The Dock of the Bay. My son's rooster, Bob, is singing backup vocals. The phone falls at one point. It's okay. I had fun recording it.



yeah. I am okay. I had some pretty bad blunt force trauma to my head and chest. My daughter had the same along with a nasty seatbelt burn. Fortunately that was the worst of it. All of the pain is gone now but I have a nice, sharp pain whenever I cough and sneeze. Hoping that goes away soon because it is getting old. Thank you for asking.

I always wanted to drive in a Demolition Derby until early last month when I was in a head-on collision. Now I can't imagine doing that shit on purpose.

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