I recorded an EP using only my cell phone. It's 3 covers of folk/blues songs done on homemade instruments (cigar box guitar, telephone microphone, suitcase drum.) I want to release it with a Creative Commons license, but I am still wondering the best way to get it out to anyone interested in hearing it. Here is a sample track. Let me know if you want to hear more:

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@jbb yes! I wouldnt mind hearing more. You should ping @Ricardus about hooking up the audio for you. I like the rough untuned sound of your cell phone but you are really good man and deserve to have some quality thrown at it.

80s fashion 

@stunder @Ricardus thanks for the kind words, stunder. Funny you mentioned the rough sound. The name of the EP is Rough, This is the cover art:

@Ricardus @jbb not much jacob was just posting some music he recorded with a cell phone and I think it sounded good but could use some guidance from a sound god like yourself to make it better.

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